Our terrains were pretty busy today when 20 members entered the Club Open Singles Championship and another 24 members opted for the less stressful day of social play.

The Singles competition started with five leagues of four with the five league winners and next best three progressing to the knockout finals.

We haven’t had a major singles competition for a few years so reigning champion from the Singles Ladder, Alma Johnson, was keen to hang on to her title a little longer. She won her group to progress with three wins and plus 17 points.

Roger Farrar was impressive in winning his group with three wins and plus 30 points. Jane Farrar was also in good form winning her group with three wins and plus 15 points. I qualified with three wins and plus 23 points and the fifth league winner was Janet Spencer with two wins and plus 12 points. The qualifying group of eight was completed with second placed players, Ian Fitton, Gordon Walsworth and  David Whittington.

There were some keenly contested quarter finals before Ian Fitton, Roger Farrar, Jane Farrar and myself edged into the semi-final stage.

Ian played excellently to beat me and book his final place while the battle between Roger and Jane went to the very end with Roger edging home 13-12.

The final was again a very keenly contested match but Ian took the title and the glory with a fine 13-9 victory. Well done Ian.

A big thank you to everyone who took part to make it a very enjoyable and competitive event and also to our other members who weren’t too inconvenienced by the event going on around them.

Full results can be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of the blog.



We have a couple of events on the horizon in which we could do with a few members joining in to offer their petanque expertise to folk having a go for probably the first time.

On Wednesday 21st AUGUST we have around 15 visitors from the Gomersal Women’s Institute joining us at Firth Park for an evening of petanque and coffee etc. They will arrive at about 7.30pm (that’s evening so don’t panic about loss of sleep) and if a few of our members fancy joining in to guide them through the basic rules and techniques for a game or two that would be great. Depending on the numbers it may be you will play with three of them in a game or perhaps guide from the sidelines.

On Saturday 21st SEPTEMBER a new club may be taking its first steps. Lightcliffe Cricket Club are in the process of creating a terrain at their cricket ground. They are holding a club event in which 16 triples teams have already entered. None have played petanque before. Paul Simpkins of Huddersfield PC has been guiding them through this but there is a need for some of our members to provide guidance, umpiring etc for each of the games being played. Kick off will be around 9.30am and the event is scheduled to finish at around 2pm. Some of you may be aware that Paul Ramsden, our contact at TOG24, plays his cricket at Lightcliffe and is helping progress this event. I think there will be food and drink available.

If anyone fancies offering their services for either or even both of these events please let me know.

Finally for those of you interested in a playing a bit more competitively there are plans developing to hold a league or series of games involving Trafford Petanque Club, Rochdale Petanque Club, Huddersfield PC and Heckmondwike PC. This could be the starter for a new Pennine Petanque League in the new year. Logistics are still being worked out but a notice will be on our board soon inviting folk to sign up for our team. More info to follow in the coming couple of weeks.



Our first try at running a series of club championships for members wanting to develop their teamwork and play some quite intense games saw us run the second competition in the series. This was the Club Members Open Triples competition.

In June we ran an Open Pairs competition and July’s Singles championship had to be postponed due to inclement weather. This will now take place next Saturday 17th August – weather permitting.

It was pleasing to see 8 teams of triples taking part. If the intended aim was to improve our competition play and tactical awareness then the games today certainly did that. All players had to point and shoot under a little more pressure than in our usual social play as well as playing as a team that had to continually assess and re-assess strategy and tactics as the fortune in games fluctuated.

The 8 teams were drawn into two leagues of four in which each team played the other three each vying for a place in the championship knockout semi-finals.

In league one all of the games were very close and competitive with Kath/Gordon/Clive emerging top of the group with three wins and plus 21 points. Trevor/Roy/Tony pipped Jane/Roger/Pauline 13-11 in the final game to take the runner-up spot with 2 wins and plus 4 points.

In league 2 Georgie/Stuart/Ian played very well to top the group with 3 wins and plus 24 points. After a slight hitch in their first game Alma/Jean/Janet came storming back to take the runner-up spot with 2 wins plus 9 points

In the Consolage Knockout Final Jane/Roger/Pauline came out winners in a very competitive and close game with Bev/Ann/David by 13-9.

Alma/Jean/Janet got off to a good start in their Championship semi-final against Kath/Gordon/Clive edging into a 5-2 lead but fortunes turned and a couple of costly ends for the ladies saw Kath/Gordon/Clive get home by 13-5.

In the other Championship semi-final Georgie/Stuart/Ian played very well against a strong team of Trevor/Roy/Tony. They earned their place in the final with a 13-8 victory.

The final was a very competitive match with fortunes changing for both teams. Georgie/Stuart/Ian made a great comeback from 8-12 down to reach 11-12 before Kath/Gordon/Clive edged home to take the title 13-11.

A great event and thank you to all who participated with such enthusiasm, in particular coping with the intermittent downpours of rain and especially to the league 2 teams who had to wait quite a while for teams in league one to complete their games.

Full results can be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of the BLOG or on our notice board.



A wonderful 45 members turned out today for our celebration of YORKSHIRE DAY which we take as an ideal opportunity to have our club Memorial Day when we reflect on the fine club members no longer playing with us.

First of all a great big thank you to our Head Chef Gordon with very able chef partner, Janet, who provided an excellent BBQ and timed it perfectly to allow us to eat as our third round of the Memorial Melee was coming to a close.

As ever with three rounds hopes are raised and dashed as the finish line looked just a win away. All players know very well that games change so easily. Whether its a fortunate ricochet, a missed shot or just a lapse of concentration it can dramatically change momentum and see games lost from seemingly obvious winning scorelines. As it transpired, from 45 players, just six managed the sought after 3 wins. In sixth place it was last year’s champion, Roger Farrar with 3 wins and plus 13 points. I managed 3 wins plus 16 for fifth and Jean McCulloch 4th with 3 wins and plus 18 points. Just a point ahead of her was David Whittington in third spot and just another point ahead of David came second placed Colin Child.

However, this year’s Memorial Champion with three wins and a mammoth plus 27 points was Roger Johnson. He even achieved his success wearing his genuine Yorkshire attire plucked from the front of his wardrobe. Well played Roger but please forget the Yorkshire trait for a while and get a new suit. You’ll need it for your posh holiday in a month or so. Only kidding, Roger, you looked very smart.

A big thanks to all the wonderful members who turned up to make it a very enjoyable day.

All RESULTS can be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of the BLOG.

Next Saturday we will hold our Club MEMBERS OPEN TRIPLES COMPETITION. The format will depend on the number of teams entered but at present with 7 teams it could be a Round Robin. If any members fancy having a go please round up a triples team and get your name on the clubhouse list or even just turn up on Saturday. For those who don’t fancy it there will be plenty of room for normal social play.


It’s very obvious that Heckmondwike members treat the advice from any weatherman as pure guesswork. To be fair it usually is, but today whoever it was that stuck his head out of the window at around 12 noon and felt a few spots was not wrong when he predicted rain.

True to their optimistic form our members turned out in force. 37 started this months’ Month End Melee. We started our third round with just a few spots falling. Success! we thought we would just escape with minimal wetting. Alas it came down in bucket loads and to their credit every member finished the third game. Praise be for our clubhouse retreat and a chance for warm coffee and the chance to drain pockets and shoes.

It is acknowledged that our Membership application forms bear no questions relating to sanity.

11 dry players started the third round with high hopes of achieving the ultimate three wins. Sadly, three of them couldn’t swim and their hopes were drowned in limestone soup.

There is hope for those who purchased new boules at La British Open. Ann Harrell is getting used to hers and stormed to three wins plus 16 points. Well done Ann. I know at least three other members who are still training their new boules but success is at hand by the looks of it.

Just one point better than Ann was Roger Farrar with 3 wins and plus 17 points. Sorry Roger there was a sums error in your earlier pronouncement. Graham Terry gained fourth spot with 3 wins and plus 18 points. 2nd spot was shared by Roger Johnson and Ralph Clegg on 3 wins plus 22 points. Very good performances everyone. Today’s winner was however myself with 3 wins and plus 29 points.



This was the terrain about 30 minutes after we finished playing. Hope it dries out for Wednesday


Next Saturday (3rd August) we will celebrate Yorkshire Day and our Memorial Day with a BBQ (FOC) and a melee competition to crown our annual Memorial Champion. You may recall Roger Farrar is our reigning champion. Make sure your name is on the food list detailing your choice in burgers or sausages. Check with Gordon if you’re not sure. Those of you with a penchant for dressing up may like to wear traditional Yorkshire attire. A good effort will assure you of a place on the photo album. As a fake and Yorkshire import I will do my usual inadequate best.


We intend to celebrate Yorkshire Day, albeit a little late, on SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST. As is our custom now this will also be our Memorial Day and Memorial Celebration competition. We will start a three round melee at 10am. See how time goes and either eat after the melee or before the third game.


We have decided to have a BBQ with our new super hot plate grille providing the food and very ably supervised by a team of chefs.

There is a list on the notice board in club house if you could indicate what you would like to eat to give our crew a chance to get enough food. I will bless the offerings above to ensure every member gets enough food. Sorry, no fishes.


Turnout for Thursday play seems to be a little up and down. As shooting practise seems quite popular I thought we might add some spice to the shooting practise. We seem to be spot on when practising but in the heat of battle it has been known to go to pot somewhat. So we can put out the shooting mat and have a shooting ladder. Any time you feel on form just get someone to set the targets, do the precision shooting 20 shots and record your score. Lets see if we can improve week by week and see who is the first member to score 40 points.


Some of our members feel as if they’ve just run a marathon and some feel as if they’ve been battered with a baseball bat but after three days to recover most of us are now re-entering the living world now. However, what a fabulous weekend of petanque our club managed to provide for 52 triples team who visited us from far and wide. Our thanks to the excellent guidance and work by James Hart and to Ali and Chris for not only their superb promotional work for the past months but for their excellent photography and live streaming on the two play days.

Our sponsors, TOG 24, Hepworth Honda, Carol & Ernest Fitzpatrick, and Caldervale Technology  gave us incredible support both before and during the event.

It was extra special to have one of our greatest supporters, Viv Kendrick, to open the event and she stayed for the whole two days to give her support.

It was brilliant that many of the teams who entered our competition were so kind in supporting our raffle and cake stall and some even gave us raffle prizes. What a lovely gesture which reflects very positively on the petanque playing fraternity.

Our efforts from the raffle and cake stall enabled us to make a brilliant donation of £462.90 to our selected charity, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Well done to Peter and June Firth for running a fabulous cake stall.

The team above, and those who missed the photo call, deserve the utmost acclaim for their wonderful efforts to ensure the weekend was a great experience for everyone who attended, whether playing or spectating. Most of the crew put in around 23-25 hours each of diligent hard graft ensuring the terrains and banners were erected and taken down on both days, manning the bar, providing tea and coffee, servicing toilets and washrooms and many other tasks. A massive thank you to all of you and that includes Mary who was on the other side of the camera and the folk who sadly missed the picture taking.

We have every intention of running the event again next year so will you all please renew your gym membership to ensure we’re fit to go again in 2020.


Whilst we had completed our league fixtures a week ago the final league positions were all in doubt as we had to wait for Leeds and Wetherby to play their match that had been postponed earlier in the season. Before the match began last night the top three league positions could have been any number of permutations with Leeds, Wetherby and Heckmondwike all potential champions.

Well the result of the game was a 3-2 victory for Wetherby. As a result of this neither of them managed to get the necessary 5 wins to overhaul Heckmondwike. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

Well done to everyone who played their part in another successful league season.


Of the six teams represented in the West Yorkshire League, Wetherby and Mirfield decided not to enter the West Yorkshire CUP. Perhaps this was because they had read the competition rules, unlike yours truly who hadn’t. The format is a little different and entails a ladies triples game, a gents triples game, followed by three mixed pairs games. Fortunately, and very kindly, Huddersfield agreed to delay the start of our match by 15 minutes while the incompetent secretary persuaded Kath to join us and make up our three ladies. Once the team selection debacle had been sorted our team of Pauline Fenton, Alma Johnson, Kath Westley, Clive McCulloch, Ian Fitton, Gordon Walsworth and Roger Farrar took to the terrains and recorded a brilliant 4-1 victory. A bit tough on our generous opponents who must have rued their very sporting decision. We will remember and repay your kindness one day guys. The squad now have a wait to see who they meet in the final. Leeds play Harrogate in a couple of days time and then the date and venue will be decided.