Many of our members will remember Frank and Sheila Dixon who have been members for a few years although they have usually spent several months of the year away in Spain.

We recently received the very sad news from Sheila that Frank passed away in July after a period of illness.

It is hoped that Sheila will soon feel up to re-joining us for a game and it will be good to see her back with us. I know you will all make her feel welcome when she returns to playing again.


By now you may well be aware that control measures for Covid 19 are tightening in Kirklees from Tuesday 22nd September

Information taken from the Kirklees Website explaining these measures clearly indicates that playing “organised outdoor sport” that has suitable control measures in place may continue as normal after the 22nd September.

We have our Covid 19 Risk assessment, appropriate controls such as sanitising materials and procedures, safe distancing procedures and track and trace records, maximum of 30 people etc that seem to be working effectively so far.

I will remind all members that if you feel you are experiencing any of the significant symptoms of Covid 19 please do not attend to play.

Our normal club play days of Wednesday 1pm start and Saturdays 10am start will continue until further notification.


Just to bring all of our members up to date following the government’s strengthening of COVID 19 control measures.

Petanque England has had discussions with the powers that be and has now confirmed that we are recognised as an “organised sport”. Accordingly we can continue to hold our Wednesday and Saturday  organised and controlled club days. The requirements for this are that essentially we have completed a full COVID risk assessment and have made our sessions fully controlled to minimise the risks of our members picking up and transferring the COVID virus.

The essentials of our control measures include:

First and foremost there must be no member turning up to play who is displaying any of the well documented symptoms of COVID 19. Anyone suspected or seeming to display typical symptoms will be asked to go home, self isolate and phone NHS111 to get tested. Any member who has COVID 19 confirmed and has played at our club recently must inform myself so that appropriate track and trace procedures can be put into motion.

All members must only enter the clubhouse to use the toilets and should wait outside until the toilet is available. Sanitising wipes and alcohol based hand gels are available for use both before and following use of the toilet.

Upon opening the club house our committee members will use sanitising wipes and sprays to clean all door handles, toilet flush handles, taps, a table to take outside and any other surface likely to be touched by members.

During this period the club will not be providing drinks or biscuits so please bring your own food and drink.

The secretary will record the names and contact details of all members attending and the total number will be limited to 30 maximum. This list will be made available to Track & Trace officers if required.

Playing will be controlled by members being grouped into bubbles of 4 or 6. The bubble groups will stay unchanged throughout the session. It is recommended that pairs are shuffled after each of the usual 3 games so that everyone plays with everyone else within their bubble of four. Any drawing of numbers will be done by one committee member with no-one else needing to touch numbered discs.

Any member needing to take a chair outside for use both during and before games must use a sanitising wipe to clean the chair before taking it outside and must ensure other members do not use it or touch it.

All players must only handle their own coche and boules and each pair in a bubble must have their own coche for use when they are to start an end. If accidental handling of other players boules or coche occurs, players must wipe clean the touched boule or coche with sanitising wipes and both the owner of the boule/coche and the player who touched it must use sanitising hand gel or soap and water to cleanse hands promptly.

Each bubble must play on a piste where there is an empty piste/footpath each side of the play piste. It’s ok to change pistes during the session but remember to keep the safe empty non-play pistes.

If no-one in a bubble is fit enough to bend and draw circles then use of a foot to create an arc will suffice. Plastic circles and scoreboards should not be used.

There will be a table outside the clubhouse with a large container of sanitising hand gel for members to use before and after playing and during play if required.

Whilst the wearing of masks is not an essential requirement members are very welcome to play wearing their mask, particularly if they are prone to sneezes etc.

Members involved in competing in the club championship events are welcome to play their matches on club days as bubbles will be automatically formed for the session. The terrains are based in a public park and as such are freely available to be used for matches or practise on every other day of the week. The clubhouse would not be open on non-club days but members are strongly advised to follow the same control measures noted above when playing matches.

Remember that any member NOT following the Petanque England guidelines above will lose the security of our Insurance cover should they become ill or have an accident. Our club General Risk assessment and safety guidance notes are also on the club noticeboard for your benefit.

If anyone needs further guidance then please contact myself or check the COVID 19 Risk Assessment and General Risk Assessment pinned to our noticeboard. It is also in the PAPERWORK section of this blog.

Thankyou to everyone for your support and hope you are still enjoying your petanque.


The Progress of Petanque Bubbles.

Well, the horrible bug still hasn’t gone away but we’re coping so far.

First of all it’s sad that some of our members are still not able to play either through having to isolate as vulnerable folk or are just not well enough.

Our thoughts go out to all members who are not at their best and wish you a speedy return to good health and playing petanque soon.

Over the past few weeks those that are able to play have been doing so. Under our Covid 19 control measures we are sticking to playing in bubbles of four or six players. The numbers turning up has allowed us to maintain an empty piste either side of each match and we have copious supplies of hand gel and sanitising wipes. So far so good.

Those of us looking for that extra touch of competitiveness have been playing in our five Club Championship Events which are planned to run until mid November. We are about halfway through the number of scheduled games so things progressing well.

In the Ladies Pairs, there are five teams entered and with only three matches left to play there are still three teams that can win the Champions Title. An excellent competition.

The Gents Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Open Pairs and Triples competitions still have a way to go yet and all are still wide open for any team having a run of good form to claim a Champions title. Some excellent games and with only 13 of the 48 games yielding a 3-0 scoreline it shows that we some really close and competitive matches. Well done everyone.




In this current Covid world it is imperative that everyone only throws or touches their own coche.

Consequently, what more could any petanque player in our club need more than their own coche(s) customised with our club logo and even further they’re at a bargain price of just £2 each.

At the moment we have a limited stock so there is no need to jump in the car or get a taxi round to my home to make sure you get yours. Mainly because I don’t have them but you can see Jane at club to secure your prize.

The coches, shown below come either in sky blue with navy print or white with sky blue print. I can assure you that they are within legal weight and size for competition. Also, we’ve only taken delivery a couple of days ago and they are going very quickly.



Thankyou to all of the members for their understanding and involvement in helping our club achieve its aim and duty of having an annual AGM, albeit 3 months later than originally planned.

It was not a perfect scenario but under the difficult circumstances we are currently experiencing, I think we can at least get through to the next scheduled AGM in April 2021.

The use of Survey Monkey to give members the opportunity to vote seemed to work very well. We received 36 responses by this system. Quite a number of members (13) who don’t have email addresses, or shared an email address, took the trouble to either hand deliver, text, phone or post their votes. Thankyou.

The results were as follows:

Proposal 1 – to accept the 2019 minutes,

Agree 48 votes.           Disagree nil              Abstain 1 vote

Proposal 2 – to accept the annual accounts.

Agree 45 votes            Disagree nil               Abstain 3 votes.     (I no response)

Proposal 3 – to vote in the current committee en bloc.

Agree  49 votes           Disagree nil              Abstain nil.

Proposal 5 – to charge no subscriptions for 2020 and keep subs at £20 but start them from January 1st 2021.

Agree.   47 votes          Disagree. nil            Abstain  2 votes.

Proposal 4 related to a charity that we might support for a year. We received suggestions of 14 different and all very worthy causes. Committee is presently analysing these to select a preferred choice. There were four most popular and each received the same number of proposers.

The 49 responses is a very notable effort by members and compares favourably with the number that usually turn up to our “normal” AGMs.

Thankyou to everyone for your support and in particular to our brilliant, hardworking committee who will continue to serve our club until April 2021.


At the beginning of July I thought that a Singles League would last a month and perhaps see us through until we could resume petanque normality. I thought that this title would never be played for again and the winner be unique as its only ever winner. Now I’m not so sure he will.

Our Singles League involved 15 members completing 105 games in just one month. For that they all deserve a massive thank you and well done.

As the matches progressed it became obvious that no-one is unbeatable at singles and several players climbed into the favourite’s berth only to lose a game or two and were overtaken. I’m pretty sure every player taking part will be able to recall taking a game or two from players they didn’t expect any success against.

In the end our Champion had to wait until the last half a dozen matches before being able to breathe easily knowing he couldn’t be overtaken.

Several of our ladies gave very good account of themselves and although none made it onto the podium can feel very pleased with their efforts. I’m sure they will have gained a lot from this experience.

In 9th place overall was Pauline as leading lady with 19 wins. An excellent performance.

A very creditable performance came from Darren McDonald who has relatively little experience compared to the other gents in the competition. Darren’s 23 wins saw him take 6th position. In third position with 28 wins was David Whittington. David has also only been playing petanque for a couple of years. An excellent performance.

In 2nd position on 30 wins was Graham Terry with another fine performance.

However, our COVID 19 2020 SINGLES CHAMPION was Colin Child on 32 wins. An excellent performance and a worthy champion.

The full results table and the final league positions are now on the RESULTS PAGE of this blog.



It’s seems that some folk are or will be having some difficulties regarding taking part in these competitions.

To hopefully make it easier to complete and take part in these competitions I have decided to get all 6 competitions started and to let them all run until Saturday 14th November. This will allow plenty of time for folk to squeeze in a holiday, quarantine, self isolation, family disorganisation to routines etc. I will then have a bit of time to get trophies engraved in time for a presentation.

There is thus no immediate panic to get Ladies Pairs and Gents Pairs completed and there is a chance for folk to reconsider and either enter, re-enter or exit if they prefer.

There are a significant number of entries made back in March to the Mixed Pairs, Triples, Open Pairs and Singles events. Please just double check that you’re in if you want to be or check your team names and modify if necessary. Either alter the entry form or let me know with a text or email what you want to do.

I will give everyone a few days to clarify their entry status in each competition then issue scoresheets and contacts for each one. Everyone then can plan their playing of games with less time pressures.

Hope this helps.


We now have some updated guidelines from the government and from our governing body, Petanque England.

We can now have up to 30 people on our terrain on any one day.

Whilst it is suggested that melees may be ok to play we have decided that for the time being we will still stick to playing in groups of six maximum. People can rotate within a group so you would still play three games with a different partner against differing opponents. This way we keep a reasonable degree of good social distancing.

We are now obliged to record all attendees at club sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Anyone from our playing members now getting COVID 19 must self isolate and also contact NHS Track & Trace who will use our attendance records to contact everyone.

We are also obliged to complete a new COVID 19 Risk assessment. This is now ready to view in the PAPERWORK SECTION of the blog. If anyone has any queries after reading this please contact me for clarification.

The over riding request is that if you think you might have COVID symptoms please keep away from petanque at Firth Park. Our control measures haven’t altered in that we must still social distance, not touch anyone’s boules or coche, sanitise handles flushes, taps and our hands regularly.




We now have 7 gents pairs entered but as yet only 4 ladies pairs. It would be good if a few more ladies joined the competition.

We aim to open the starting gates on Saturday 1st August.

The competitions are a ROUND ROBIN and each match you play will be three games. One game on Pebble Beach, one game on the terrains to the left just inside the gate and one game on any of the other pistes. Toss up to decide the specific piste on each square for each game. Toss winner also gets to throw first coche.

Please play all three games so that a match result can be 3-0 or 2-1. League Winners will be based firstly on Matches won with games won splitting those who are level on matches won. If top two are still level then we have a play-off final.

Matches can be played any day and time by agreement between teams. Please let me have your results promptly after the match. Any queries please ask.


Just to remind everyone that as the SINGLES LEAGUE nears its finale we are planning to run the LADIES PAIRS and GENTS PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIPS.


It is intended that these will kick off on 1st AUGUST.


 LADIES PAIRS –   Bev & Pauline

Jane & Kath

Cath & Alma

Georgie & Carol McC

Janet & Jean McC.

 GENTS PAIRS –    Ian & Gordon

Roy & Robin

Roger F & Clive

Ralph & Roger J

Tony McD & Darren McD

Colin & Graham.

There is still time to enter so please sort your partner and let me know ASAP.

As the competitions are both Round Robin format at present there will be four matches to play in the LADIES and five matches in the GENTS.

Even with another couple of teams entering it should be possible to complete the competitions in a couple of weeks or so.

We will then run the TRIPLES and MIXED PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIPS so please get your teams sorted ready for these. There are a number of teams entered for these on the original, pre-lockdown entry forms. Just double check with those members to make sure you are all still available.