Well spotted everyone. This blog’s deliberate mistake has been well spotted by many of you. The Club Singles and the Northern Singles competitions are, of course, the 17th and 18th August respectively, NOT July. Sorry, but I’d already drunk the prize for spotting the error at the time of writing the blog.



BASTILLE DAY – Just to remind everyone that this coming Wednesday we will start at 12.00 NOON with a game of petanque while the food preparations get under way. After lunch we can try another game or two if folk can raise the energy after eating. If you want wine/beer etc to flavour lunch please bring your own but don’t drink and drive.

Also, I have rescheduled the HECKMONDWIKE CLUB MEMBERS OPEN SINGLES competition for Saturday 17th AUGUST. It is a week after the club members Triples competition but the thinking is that it might be a good practise event for those Northern Petanque England members who might enter the Northern Singles Championships being held at Heckmondwike next day, Sunday 18th AUGUST. Hope all of the original entries are still available to take part in our club competition and that our PE members will have a go at the Northern Championships next day.

LA BRITISH OPEN is now only a week away so a massive thank you to all of you brilliant members who have helped us get ready for the event and have volunteered to be there at the event to help with setting up and ensuring the event runs smoothly. We intend to be at Firth Park around 9.00am Saturday to begin setting up etc. If you can make it then, brilliant, but if a bit later suits you better then just get there when you can.

David wins Month End Melee

The June Month End Melee saw 38 members join in on a very warm day trying to gain the ultimate three wins to lift them up the league table.

As is usual fortunes swayed both ways over the three rounds. Nine members won their first two games but only five managed to get the maximum three from three. In fifth place with three wins and plus 16 points was Lynne May. Just three points better off in fourth was Christine Appleyard. In third place was Kevin Hepworth with three wins and plus 21 points. Roger Farrar came a creditable second with three wins and plus 26 points. However, top of the rostrum was David Whittington with three wins and plus 29 points. Well done David and well done to everyone who managed to play for three hours in pretty hot, energy sapping conditions.

The melee league table saw more changes but when a brilliant day gives you 3 points and a horrendous day 0 points, then movement up or down is in pretty small increments. At the moment four wins separate the top 14 players. There is still everything to play for with five month end melees still to play.

Our annual BASTILLE DAY celebration Boules and lunch takes place on Wednesday 10th July.

NOTE we will start off at 12 NOON with a game of petanque while our gourmet chefs prepare lunch. Make sure you name is on the list in the pavilion letting us know whether you want sausage and/or beef burger. We’re roughly catering for two of either per member and would you believe it’s all FOC. Those that can stand after lunch will have another game or two of petanque. Those wanting alcoholic drinks can I ask you to bring your own and please don’t drink and drive.


This coming Saturday 29th June is our members month end melee so please arrive in good time for me to get score sheets ready.


Wednesday July 10th we will be celebrating the revolting French, whoops!! correction – the French Revolution which kicked off 14th July at the Bastille prison. We are a couple of days early because La British Open is taking place on the Sunday. However on the 10th we will provide BBQ food with the aid of our new hot plate grille and hopefully  a couple of press ganged chefs.

We will probably start with lunch and then play boules. Pseudo -French attire as usual. ie dodgy moustaches, berets, hooped pattern tee-shirts and a string of smelly onions etc etc.

A list is on the notice board inviting members to let us know whether they want burgers and/or sausages just so that we can have a reasonable idea of what to purchase in advance. Please enter your anticipated preferences ASAP.


I know a number of members put their names on the list to offer their help during the LA BRITISH OPEN event, 13/14th July. Apart from the fact that I’ve lost half of it, we have put up a new list identifying tasks and approximate sessions that folk prefer to attend.

Please enter your names again so that we can organise our groups over the weekend.

Excellent day for a Pairs Competition.

The sun shone and an enthusiastic 46 members turned up for a 3 round snake pairs competition drawing partners from the magic hat. To make life easier two of us came armed with gardening tools so Gordon and I  decided to attack the weeds and hedgerow around our old terrains in preparation for La British Open. So 44 members made an ideal 22 pairs for the snake competition. While some members might warm up throwing boules several of our keen crew also took to a spot of weeding on our current terrains. Well done and thanks to you all.

After two rounds there were 7 pairs with two wins and high hopes. Alas only five pairs kept their unbeaten records and so the podium trio was decided on points difference

In fifth place was one of our guests Jimmy who had the honour of playing with Ted Beetham and recording 3 wins with a plus 11 points tally. Just ahead of them with 3 and plus 14 points came Kevin Hepworth and Cath Clegg.

Third place went to Alma Johnson and Kath Westley with an excellent 3 wins and plus 24 points.

Just two points ahead in Runner-up spot was Colin Child with Jean McCulloch.

However, the ultimate champions were Bill Barnett and Roger Farrar with 3 wins and plus 28 points. Well done guys and a big thanks to everyone for helping to make it fine day of petanque as well as a good progress day with the gardening.

Full results can be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of this blog.

Next Saturday we have our month end melee. Its our sixth of the year and with our new trial scoring system it means numerous members are still in the running to head the league at the end of the year.


This coming THURSDAY 20th JUNE 6.30pm we will start opening up for those who just don’t get enough petanque or those who can’t make daytime in the week. The intention is to give those who want to practise skills, shooting etc or play a game or two with a regular partner(s) to develop tactics, teamwork etc against or with like-minded members. The idea is not just about winning but group discussion about shot choice, tactics etc.

Those who just fancy coming for a social game can do just that with other like-minded members. We’ll just try a few weeks and see if it develops well for everyone.

This coming SATURDAY 22nd we will try a members mixed pairs or maybe just any pairs depending on the turnout and , of course the weather. We will draw partners and play a three round snake.

With the LA BRITISH OPEN competition just a month away there are a multitude of jobs to be done to get terrains ready. All lanes will be strung soon but firstly we need to reduce the number of weeds on both our regular terrains but also on our old terrains. If folk are feeling fit and keen to have a go at an hour or so of weeding it would be much appreciated. Rather than try to fix a date that suits everyone it might be better for folk to form their own little group and come when it suits them best. I can confirm that the weeds do come out more easily when the ground is wet or damp but even so I’m sure our old terrains will need use of hand forks or other suitable implement. If you do form a little group and you need me to open the pavilion for toilets and drinks etc please let me know. We have bags etc which we can empty on the leaf pile behind our terrain.