Just a minor modification to our rules for the 2020 Month End Melee series. We will now count our best 9 results from the 11 event series.

In pretty cool conditions 37 members turned out with tremendous optimism and determination to make 2020 their year to top the table.  In 8 years no-one has won the event twice so anything can happen.

As half expected there were plenty of surprises as some folk had nightmare days and others were highly delighted. I suppose one good ploy is to lose all your matches in a month that you can discount later in the year and make your good months very good.

Surprisingly 9 members won all three games and gave themselves a great start to the year.

Jean McCulloch was sitting in pole position after two games but won her third in a very tense and close scoring game. She ended in 9th position with 3 wins and plus 19 points. Alan Wallace scored 3 wins and plus 23 points finishing just behind Walter Bottrill and Ken Hutchinson both on 3 wins plus 24 points. Cath Clegg and Alma Johnson scored three wins plus 26 points to share fourth place. Apologies to Cath but during re-checking of scoresheet I had to reduce Cath’s points total from +28 to +26. Error in the sums. Third place on 3 wins +27 was myself and just a point better off and sharing top spot with 3 wins plus 28 were Roger Johnson and Trevor Lynne. Well done to our two January Champions.

Full results and current points totals can be studied on the RESULTS PAGE of the BLOG. Please let me know if you spot any errors.


OK I’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of pleasant sunshine and it’s nice you’ve all managed to arrange for the sun to keep shining. Shame about the temperature though.

Before I left I’m sure I suggested that those members wishing to renew their Northern Associate membership could complete one of the forms on the noticeboard and give to me with their £8 when I return. Well I’m intending to be at club this coming Wednesday so it would be good if you’ve got your forms ready. I’m advised that those not renewing will not be able to enter events on the Northern site after 28th January.

Coming up we are hosting a LADIES PAIRS competition on March 15th. It’s a competition to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). It’s a great chance for our lady club members to play some games against a few ladies pairs from around Northern region, as well as some Hecky pairs. Depending how many teams enter there is an opportunity to qualify to play in the Petanque England national IWD finals at Rainworth in April. Rainworth is just down the road in Mansfield so no great travelling. If 4 or less pairs enter then only one pair can qualify. However, if we get up to 12 pairs there are 4 pairs to qualify. I think we have several good ladies pairs teams in our club that would do very well in this competition. Come on ladies, get your team entered. See me for more details and to help you get entered.

The full Northern calendar has just been published and a copy will be on our noticeboard on Wednesday. You will see that Heckmondwike is hosting a few events during the year. I have extended our own calendar now to include the Northern events as well as all of our own in-house competitions.

We now know that the West Yorkshire League and Cup will run again this year and is due to kick off just after Easter.

The new PENNINE LEAGUE and a PENNINE CUP will also go ahead. It will start week beginning 1st June. Clubs have been invited to enter their teams so we will find out soon how many clubs are signed up. The Pennine League will run in the same way as the West Yorkshire League with clubs playing each other home and away. Six team members will play two triples games and three pairs games. If you fancy joining in either of these leagues please put your name on the list on our noticeboard.


Pairs competition 18 January 2020

32 members turned out for the pairs competition yesterday. Partners were drawn without too much confusion and play got under way shortly after 10am.

After the first round Trevor and Ann were in a commanding position, however, as is often the case fortunes changed pretty quickly.  The second round resulted in 4 pairs going forward  with 2 wins in the bag. This time Dennis and Audrey  were in pole position having 2 wins and  +19. Alan.W and Dave and Colin and Christine were both  2 wins +10. Cath and Tony were 2 wins  +4. Unfortunately, for Dennis and Audrey it was not to be. They lost their last game and finished with 2 wins +8. Geraldine and Mary put in a magnificent performance  to storm in with 2 wins +9 thereby taking third place. In second place were Colin and Christine with 3 wins +13. First place went to Alan.W and Dave with 3wins +21.

A good day was had by all and there was some excellent play and unexpected results along the way.

Congratulations to Alan.W and Dave. There is a photo of the presentation which may or may not appear at asome point.


In 2020 we will be participating in the West Yorkshire League which I believe will run as last year with six clubs.

There is now also a plan to introduce a PENNINE & DISTRICT LEAGUE. This will involve Trafford PC, Rochdale League, Huddersfield, Heckmondwike, possibly Mirfield and possibly new team(s) based on recently constructed terrains. The format has yet to be confirmed but could well be similar to the West Yorks League with home and away matches of doubles and triples games.

It is believed that the Pennine League will begin a little before the West Yorkshire League is completed. It may well be at the same time as the West Yorkshire Knockout Cup takes place. It is hoped, therefore, that it will be an opportunity for quite a few members to get experience of  league and competitive play.

There is now a poster up on our notice board inviting members to enter their names. You can put your name down for either of both of the leagues. If you enter your name for both you can, if you wish, express a preference for either of the leagues by putting a 1 and 2 in the appropriate column along with your name. It is still ok to play in both if you prefer.

Anyone interested in captaining and selecting one of the teams should let me know over next few weeks.


We will become aware on 18th January whether we are hosting any Northern Region competitions.

We will be hosting one or more PENNINE OPEN competitions so there will be plenty of opportunities to play some competitive petanque. Of course we will also be running our club OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS again this year so sort out your pairs or triples and get your names on the entry list on the notice board.

Keep your eye on the notice board for more info.


There is an opportunity to use our floodlights and get some practise as pairs or triples teams. If you are a ladies pair, a gents pair or a triple team or even just singles, let me know when you prefer to have practise evenings. For example we could stay over on a Wednesday for and hour or so to have a practise. We can meet on a different evening to play. Let me know your thoughts please.


There is an advice document on the notice board explaining the pros and cons of joining either Northern Region or Petanque England.

If you want to join or renew Northern Region the fee is £8 and there are entry forms to complete on the table in the club room. Please fill one in and hand it to me with the £8. I will send them in en bloc.

Anyone wishing to join Petanque England must wait til 1st January when the web site opens. You can join on-line and I will happily assist anyone wishing to join. Joining Petanque England will automatically register you with Northern Region and would allow you to enter the Northern Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Triples and OVER 60 Pairs as the finalists in these competitions can go on to play in the national Champion of Champions competitions.



Our recent Xmas Lunch at Cleckheaton Golf Club saw 53 members enjoy an excellent lunch and a very pleasant few hours of chat. We did enjoy a fine Xmas Quiz which I’m sure enhanced our knowledge of Xmas Carols. Mine couldn’t get any worse. The Xmas Raffle was a great success raising an excellent £270 for our funds. Thankyou to all of you that brought prizes for the raffle, and bought raffle tickets and commiserations to those who didn’t win a prize.

A massive thank you to Janet and Jean who organised the day and ensured everyone got the food they’d ordered. NEXT YEAR’S LUNCH HAS BEEN BOOKED FOR WEDNESDAY 16th DECEMBER so mark your diaries.

I have been deliberating over the past year’s month end melee competition, excellently won by David Whittington. It is reviewed every year and we’ve had at least three modified formats. I have received 8 responses to my request for members’ thoughts. I can only presume that the the majority think the present system is fine or don’t give a hoot at all.

The key points from the 8 responses were:- 5 in favour of the year long competition, 4 thought that we count best 8 or 9 from the 11 to allow the odd miss for holidays or even bad weather causing cancellation, 5 liked the idea of a final play-off between leading contenders. There wasn’t a majority for playing extra games above our normal three and only one thought we should do points for positions in a melee plus points for turning up.

My conclusion is largely, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and since not so many thought to offer alternatives there isn’t a lot to alter. Considering the suggestions there are a few key principles I have in mind. Firstly it is, and has always been, a competition that is a melee format where you rely not only on your own skills but also those of your partner in each game. Your success comes from how you minimise poor scores when you’re having an off day or your partner is having an off day or your opposition are having all the luck going etc etc and how you make good scores when you’re playing well. You just hope luck balances out over the 11 months. Consequently, its perhaps not a fair idea to be able to delete your unlucky or poor performances. It might be reasonable to allow members the option to miss a couple for holidays or sickness etc.  The thought of play-offs is difficult. If you have a singles knockout competition then that is a different game to playing pairs and perhaps not appropriate. A melee play-off again would mean all players playing with each of the other players in turn. Maybe ok but it really has been a competition based on 11 monthly melee format events. Why add another melee to decide it.

My deliberation thus has led me to decide we will play 2020 Month End melee season as 11 melees of three games each and the winner will be most games won with points difference separating those on equal games. We will count best 9 results from the 11 monthly competitions.  I have noted that 73 members took part in at least one of the 2019 melees with 20 players completing 27 games (9 months) and 24 completed 24 games (8 months). If we have to postpone a melee for poor weather we will play it the next weekend, weather permitting. If this fails at the second week then we will cancel that month. If all goes to plan for 2020  then someone else will be in place to deliberate and decide the 2021 event.

Other opportunities for glory in other formats than melees will be our six Club Championships. We ran them for the first time in 2019 and I’m hoping more members will be having a go at them this year. If not then we may have to throw them open to outside entries.

I have listed below my proposed dates for them. The aim was to have one each month, skipping July as we have La British Open in July, and play in the months of nicer weather. That is April to September. Don’t blame me if it rains on the day.

Please look at the dates below and let me know if they clash with anything you have in mind to do. At present they are not cast in stone. They could alter when we have view of the Northern Calendar and see the arrangements for the Pennine league, the West Yorkshire League and other potential Open competitions.

  1. Open Pairs                              Sat 4th April
  2. Triples                                      Sat 9th May
  3. Singles                                      Sat 6th June
  4. Ladies Pairs & Gents Pairs.   Sat 15th August
  5. Mixed Pairs                              Sat 5th September

FINALLY it is hoped all of our members and their families enjoy a wonderful Xmas. In particular we all hope every member enjoys good health during the coming year. To those not able to play at present because of poor health we hope you get well quickly and return to the game soon.




Just to confirm to everyone that we will be playing on the following days over the xmas period. This is, of course, weather permitting.


Saturday 21st December

Saturday 28th December

Wednesday 1st January 2020.

Saturday 4th January 2020.    (our 13/30 speed boule melee).


We will NOT be playing on Wednesday 18th December as it’s our Xmas lunch,

nor will be playing. Wednesday 25th December, unless Santa has brought you some new boules and you can’t wait to try them out.