A healthy 33 players arrived at Firth Park with fresh hopes for an early points haul for the 2023 Spring Melee season.

As usual competitive games produced some great results and left 10 players with 2 wins after two games.

However after the final games 50% of those hopefuls couldn’t get over the 13 point line and that left just 5 players with 3 wins from 3 games.

So finishing in 5th place was Migs with a healthy +16 and just a point in front and securing a 4th place finish was Doreen with +17.

On the day we thought there was a joint second place finish but once the auditors had spent several hours scrutinising the scoresheets we found that there was a clear third place with Christine A on +18.

Second place was just one point better again with +19 meaning second to fifth were all separated by just three points. David Whittington secured second place with this great total and three good wins.

However he was outshone by Bev Whittington who won 13-2, 13-4 and 13-7 for an excellent overall total of +26 and becomes our January winner.

As before there will be points for the top 15 players so look out for the early leader boards. Remember it’s your individual top 4 scores from January to June that count towards your overall Spring Melee total.

The next month end melee will be played on Saturday 25th February.


AGM Meeting

For the benefit of those members who were unable to attend our AGM on Saturday last I am just letting you know the notable outcomes and also that the full minutes of the meeting can be read on our PAPERWORK PAGE of this blog. A copy is available on our pavilion noticeboard.

Thankyou to the 36 members that were able to attend and who participated so well throughout the meeting.

Kath and myself have now stepped down from the committee. All of the other current committee members have been re-elected.

David Whittington has been formally appointed as our new Secretary and we all wish him every success in the role. I’m sure all members will give him the wonderful support that you have given to myself over the past years. Kevin Wilde has also joined our committee and I’m sure he will be a great asset to the team. There will, of course, be a short period of handover liaison between myself and David as he settles into the role.


Cath Clegg has let us know that Ralph sadly passed away yesterday. As most members are aware Ralph had been struggling with his illness for quite a few months.

Both Cath and Ralph have been members of our club since the early days of our formation and have always been great friends as well as talented petanque players. Ralph will be greatly missed and the whole club sends Cath and their family our love, best wishes and very sincere condolences.


We started our 2023 Calendar with our customary 13/30 Speed Boules Competition. It was good to see 19 members brave the rain that was with us just until our three rounds had been completed.

All players record their individual points tally that stands when either the first game finishes with someone reaching 13 or when 30 minutes play has elapsed. A big thank you to our MC Roger Johnson who oversaw time keeping and recorded the scores.

Well there was little doubting who was having a good day. Not only did he figure in three games that were the first to 13 but he was in the winning team each time. In what I’m guessing is the first ever super maximum Gordon Walsworth recorded the brilliant total of 39 points. A worthy champion and well done Gordon.

As if to celebrate the occasion, the rain stopped and the sun came out so once the results had been announced most of those present took to the terrains again for a more leisurely paced game.

The full results can be seen our the RESULTS PAGE of this blog.

JUST A REMINDER that our AGM takes place next Saturday at 10am with our social play continuing as soon as the meeting has finished. If the club formalities is not your cup of tea then you’re welcome to start your social play early.


With around 20 members, including myself watching, you’d think I could have reported the excitement factually correct. Whilst the deeds and actions were, I think reasonably correct I did err with the participants. Of course Kevin Wilde was Roger Johnson’s partner in the final game against Colin and Mike. What’s more he played an excellent game in helping Roger to take the victory.

Eamon, meanwhile, was Kevin Hepworth’s partner, in the other important game where Trevor and David were beaten to really raise the tension and excitement.

My apologies to everyone for my mistake but at least it’s my last melee to report on so I’m hoping you’ll be able to read truly enlightening blogs from now on instead of my witless meanderings.


Well it’s pretty obvious that Petanque is just about as predictable as the weather and equally frustrating.

The fact that the weather prediction of a day of rain didn’t materialise gave us an excellent opportunity to complete our Autumn Melee Championship on the allotted day and with one of the most exciting competitions we’ve held going down to the last boule of the last game still playing. A crowd of around 15 or 16 members watching the outcome of the last game as the final outcome changed at almost every boule delivered.

There in the middle of all the excitement was Roger Johnson, cool as a cucumber, frustrating the fortunes of at least three different contenders for the championship with each boule he delivered.

We started the day with three players separated by just half a point and looking to gain enough points to improve their best four melee scores. Colin and Pauline headed the table, both on 45 points, and played together in their first match. They were 11-5 ahead and looking good for a first win. Enter Jean and Peter with an incredible fightback to take the game 13-11. Trevor, meanwhile, got away to a flying start with a 13-0 win. In round 2 Colin got his fortunes back on track with a 13-1 victory while Trevor edged forward with a 13-8 victory. In the third round Trevor slipped up and lost a tough game 9-13. Pauline was having a tough day, Colin went into his third round game needing a win to figure in the final reckoning.

At 12-9 up Colin had game on the ground, and whilst no-one could have calculated it at the time, a win at this point would have given him a final melee score of 50 points.

However Roger saved the day with his final boule to make it 10-13. Colin had game on the ground again but again Roger’s final boule took the end to tie scores at 12 across. Sudden death end and this time Roger and Kevin Wilde had holding boule for game but were out of boules. Colin and Mike had three boules and despite striking Roger’s boule they couldn’t take the end. This game was played with all the drama you could imagine in front of a throng of enthralled members.

Meanwhile, the melee itself, had some excellent performances from Peter Wharton who was today’s champion with 3 wins and plus 24 points. In third place was Kevin Hepworth with 3 wins and plus 16 points. My 3 wins and plus 20 points gained me second place in the melee and high hopes for a good finish in the Autumn Championship.

After a lengthy spell of calculations it was possible to determine a champion. Pauline hadn’t managed to improve her best four score total and remained on 45 points. Colin’s one win meant he finished on 45 points but in third place based on best fifth game score. My 3 wins game me a healthy push forward to finish second with 49 points. However despite Trevor only recording 2 wins his points difference was the best of all those on two wins and lifted his score to 49.5 and the title of Autumn Melee Champion.

Well done Trevor but also well done to everyone today in making it a very exciting and enjoyable day of petanque.

The full melee results and final overall Autumn Championship table is available on the RESULTS PAGE of this blog and there is a copy below the pictures of both the DECEMBER Melee Champion and the CHAMPION of the AUTUMN MELEE CHAMPIONSHIP 2022.



Finally I’d like to wish all of our members and their families a Very Happy New Year and the very best of health.

We start a New Year tomorrow and hopefully another enjoyable year of petanque.

AGM 2023 Confirmation

This is just to remind everyone that we will be holding our 2023 AGM on Saturday 14th January at Firth Park and starting at 10.00am.

The Agenda is attached below and I’m not aware of any topics that should extend the proceedings for a great length of time so social play should get started quite soon after.

Annual subscriptions are now due from 1st January.

The accounts are still in the process of being completed and audited but will be available in the clubhouse prior to the meeting.

Any member wishing to raise issues not included in this agenda should discuss this with the Chairman, Gordon Walsworth, who will decide whether it can be included as we have now passed the closing date for proposals and nominations.


Just to confirm that Gordon, despite having a cold, will be there this coming Saturday to open up for social play. The response on Wednesday from members suggests there are quite a few members keen to play so please join in and enjoy.

Play will also be available the following Wednesday 28th December and we will be staging the final Month End Melee of the year on Saturday 31st December when the Autumn Championship will be decided. It is a very close competition with the top three hopefuls separated by just half a point.

Of course, the event is weather permitting and for the Month End Melee it will require at least 16 players to validate the competition. If there is less than 16 the the Month End Melee will be moved onwards one week to Saturday 7th January.

Finally we wish all of our members and families and all friends a very happy xmas and best wishes for a healthy New Year.


As the year draws towards its end we celebrated our Xmas Jumper day with the customary Ladies v Gents competition.

The weather was relatively kind for the time of year and 34 members turned up to play and the majority resplendent in Xmas jumpers and even headgear.

Even though the gents had convincingly won the most recent competition between the sexes the Ladies were renowned for raising their game for this event and have generally taken the honours.

However, this year the gents turned in another very good performance to record a notable victory by 16 wins to the Ladies 8.

For the Ladies Janet Spencer playing with Bev Whittington and Kath Westley playing with Georgie Fitton recorded two wins from their three games each. A very good performance.

For the Gents team three teams recorded 3 wins from 3 games. Kevin Wilde with Tony McDonald were plus 22 points, Eamon Egan with Michael Denton were plus 23 points and leading the way were Ian Fitton with Roger Johnson with 3 wins plus 34 points. Excellent performances.

Below are most of the attendees showing that we’re all still good friends, win or lose.

Finally I would like to wish all of our members and their families a very happy Xmas and a healthy new year. To those members who have been not having the best of health this year we wish you the best of health for the new year.

The full results can be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of the blog and there is a copy just below.

LADIES v GENTS this Weekend

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday we will be staging another LADIES v GENTS, weather permitting of course. It seems that the Ladies new Xmas diet has rejuvenated them and they are ready for avenging last month’s defeat. So gents, it’s bed early on Friday night, good breakfast then arrive in good time for a thorough warm up. We will need another superlative effort to retain bragging rights into the New Year

It is our annual Xmas Jumper day so make sure you are all suitably kitted out.

XMAS EVE – Saturday 24th.

Gordon has volunteered to be on hand to open up on this Saturday if there is enough interest in playing. During the next few days please let Gordon know if you’re keen to play on this Saturday so that Gordon can assess how many are likely to turn up.

New Years EVE – 31st DECEMBER

This Saturday is scheduled to be our final Month End Melee of the AUTUMN 2022 Championship. It is a very closely run competition with four members still in with a mathematical chance of winning the overall title. Only half a point separates the leading three players. As there is no way of being certain of the weather we will only stage the Month End Melee on this day if there are a minimum of 16 players. If there are less than 16 we will play social petanque and postpone the Month End Event until Saturday 7th January.