A few news items to let you know what’s going on in next couple of months.

Firstly, the XMAS LUNCH menu is available. Copies are on the noticeboard for you to take, fill in your selections and return it to Janet. The cost is £20 so please let Janet have you menu selections and money over the next few weeks.

Most will now know that our floodlights are installed. On Wednesday evening 6th November we will be having a BBQ tea after our afternoon social play and, as the clocks will have gone backwards an hour, it should be dark enough to switch on the lights and have a club social game. It promises to be a fun experience, weather permitting.



On Saturday 9th November we will be holding the last of our six CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS. This will be the MIXED PAIRS. There is a list of entrants on the wall poster but it’s not too later to get yourself a partner and join in a really good friendly competition. Format is likely to be leagues where you play three games followed by a seeded knockout and final. Thus if you qualify in the groups you could play 5 or 6 games in the day but if you don’t have such a successful day you would only play three games. Give it a go and sign up.

On Sunday 10th November we will be hosting a NORTHERN WINTER LEAGUE pairs competition.

The event is great if you fancy playing a competitive competition against a friendly bunch of players from around Northern Region. Excellent to gain experience, test skills and teamwork, plus develop a team partnership. Its around £3 per head to enter and the format is a 5 round snake. Let me know if you want help entering or just go on to the Northern website where members can enter directly.



Today we played our annual Club Members Championships for both Ladies Pairs and Gents Pairs.

We had two excellent competitions played with  very competitive but very sporting and friendly attitude. It was good to see how playing in competitions over recent years has helped quite a few of our members develop not only skills but the ability to read tactics and play as a team.

The Ladies competition was a very close affair with the final positions in the balance right up to the final end of the final game. In their final game Jane Farrar and Kath Westley had recorded a fine win over close rivals Janet Spencer and Jean McCulloch to sit at four wins from their five games. The last game to finish saw Cath Clegg and Alma Johnson in a very close and tense game against Bev Whittington and Pauline Fenton. At 11-11 the match was very much in the balance. However, Cath and Alma held their nerve to take the spoils 13-11 and with it they maintained their unbeaten record to become 2019 Club Champions.

Very well done Cath and Alma and also to all of the ladies who gave us an excellent competition.

The Gents had only five pairs compared to the six pairs in the ladies competition. Consequently we still played five rounds but each pair had a bye and pleasant tea break.

Once again there were some excellent games played by everyone but going into the final round two teams were unbeaten and were programmed to meet each other in a winner takes all final game. Gordon Walsworth and Ian Fitton scored first blood with a single point but then Roger Farrar and myself scored one point. This was followed by another point for Gordon and Ian. Next end was dead after the coche was shot out. A long game seemed on the cards. However, added by the odd slice of brilliance and the odd slice of fortunate coche movement Roger and I  moved into a commanding position. As is often the case 12 points whilst seemingly almost home, started to become a dodgy score as Gordon and Ian scored a three and then another point to start a comeback. However, at the next end Roger and I scored the much needed 13th point to take the game and the Championship title.

All of the results cab be seen on the RESULTS PAGE of the BLOG.

Thanks to everyone who helped make both competitions a really good day of petanque. I’m really looking forward to a re-run of next years championships when all six events will be programmed at intervals through the year.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6th is the first Wednesday following the movement of the clocks for winter. As our floodlights have now been installed we think it’s a good opportunity for everyone to have a look at them and a game under the lights. Consequently following the afternoon social session we will have BBQ tea and then a game under the new lights. If you’d like to join in and don’t mind staying a little longer on this Wednesday please add you name to the list on the noticeboard telling us what you’d like to eat. If you don’t want BBQ nosh you can bring your own food with you.


We are making progress with the floodlight installation. However, while we have a JCB on site the guys are going to dig us a couple of large soak-away holes to try to improve the drainage. However, this will create a pile of clay based surplus earth from the holes which we have to dispose of in the land of trees at the back of our terrains. It will have to be a shovel and wheelbarrow task.

If anyone has the time, fitness and inclination to come and help out shovelling or wheelbarrowing from tomorrow lunchtime and over the days of this week until we have completed it, that would be brilliant. It’s not a panic situation as we’re planning to put the clay spoils on the surrounding footpath so we can complete the re-instating of the terrains. An hour of your time and effort would be much appreciated.

Gents and Ladies Pairs Competitions

Next Saturday 19th October we are holding our club Open Gents Pairs and Ladies Pairs.

It would be good if a few more members formed pairs and entered. Tony McD has just become in need of a new partner after his partner had to withdraw. If you fancy joining him please let me know and I will tell Tony.

At the moment it looks as though we will play a round robin format and both competitions will involve either four or five games in total. Please add your names to the list on Wednesday or even on the Saturday before we finalise the format.


Well, what a welcome home. After two weeks of glorious sunshine and temperatures in the high 20’s and lower 30’s, Kath and I stepped out at Manchester airport today and immediately froze solid. After airport staff had lit a fire and thawed us out we struggled over the hill to find West Yorkshire in just as cool a state.

So I’m going to take just enough time to bring everyone up to date then check the pension pot to see about getting back to the warmer Balearics.

First of all I note that some hardy souls were determined not to miss the opportunity to score points in the September month end melee. I guess the weather must have deterred some members from turning out!!! Are some members going soft or what??? Anyway 20 of the hardy group played all three rounds and four of them. managed to achieve 3 wins. Well done Jane Farrar scoring three wins and plus 17 points. In third place was Kevin Hepworth with 3 wins and plus 30 points. Second place was Roger Johnson with 3 wins and plus 32 points. Champion for September, however, was Graham Terry with 3 wins and plus 37. Well done Graham.

The overall league table is now looking closer than ever with three wins covering five players. Still all to play for.

All results of the melee and the current league are now on the RESULTS PAGE of the BLOG.

This coming week the action starts to install our new floodlights. The company confirmed this week that they are ready to go. On Monday they will dig the cable trench and the holes for the two masts. Tuesday the masts arrive and will be raised in position and wired up. Wednesday they will complete installation and testing. If all goes to plane our social play should continue as normal. We are thinking of trying to improve the soaking away of rain water in a couple of areas of the terrains so if all goes well we may have dug a couple of deep soakaways which will not be playable areas on Wednesday.

Saturday the 19th October we plan to stage our Club Championships for both Ladies Pairs and Gents Pairs. There is still a chance to form your pairing and enter your team on the list. The formats will depend on entry numbers but at present it could be Round Robin where you play everyone. This could be five or even six games to play. If you don’t want to enter then social play will be on as well.


First of all its some news.

We had a site meeting today with our providers and we have agreed that our floodlights will be installed week commencing Monday 14th October. It’s expected that the work will take three days so if all goes to plan we should still be able to play on the Wednesday as the final day will be wiring, testing and finishing off.

There is a chance that two or three individual pistes may be out of action as we are contemplating trying to improve the drainage where the major puddling occurs after heavy rain while the floodlight installation is going along. As there will be an earth mover on site we may try to get them to dig us some holes at the same time.

REQUEST TIME. – I’m off on holiday from Tuesday until 10th October. Stop cheering and concentrate. We will be a little thin on the ground for committee members.

Consequently it would be good if members with any degree of fitness would turn up in good time and join in terrain raking, we’ve got numerous rakes, litter collection, checking milk and supplies of tea/coffee etc are ok, putting out score boards and rings, chairs etc. When you’ve finished a game you are welcome to put number discs in the bag, check if everyone is still playing and distribute the numbers to members.Trust me, we’d all like to just turn up, throw some boules to warm up, have a chat etc but some folk just don’t get the chance so if members took it upon themselves to join in the preparations we might all get playing a bit sooner and in a slightly less stressed frame of mind. Thankyou all

I believe Roger J will be back from holiday this week and will help coordinate the month end melee next Saturday.

Finally for those that may wish to mark their diary for next year, we can confirm that La British Open will take place on the weekend of 18th & 19th July 2020. Sort your team and get practising.

Good Luck

This weekend 5 players from Heckmondwike and Huddersfield are among those going down to Hayling Island  to represent the Northern Region in the PE Inter Regionals.

Clive and Kath together with Malcolm from Bridlington are one team, Roy, Brendan and Richard another.

It’s a great achievement to qualify to represent the region and an amazing weekend.

Good luck to them and all the Northern Region.