First of all a big Thankyou to all those who had to dig deep to play four rounds today. While it wasn’t arctic conditions it can still be draining. Well done everyone for making the event an enjoyable day of petanque even if we didn’t win quite as many games as we’d have liked.

We played four rounds of timed games and with 20 pairs playing that made 40 games of which only four failed to finish with a 13 point total when the 45 minute bell sounded. A certain family surname starting with F featured in 3 of them. Well would you believe it. Just one game finished in a tie.

Five pairs managed three wins. An excellent performance by Jane Farrar and Audrey Barnett saw them take sixth place with 3 wins and plus 5 points. With 3 wins and plus 10 points in fifth place were Pauline Fenton and Roger Farrar. Just one point better off were Ann Bolton with Peter Wharton to take fourth place.

There was a tie for second place with Jean McCulloch and Alan Norfolk and the pairing of Christine Appleyard with me scoring three wins and plus 15 points.

However, stars of the day were the pairing of Alma Johnson and David Whittington who stormed home with four wins and plus 43 points. An excellent performance. Well done everyone.

Full results can be seen on the blog RESULTS PAGE.

XMAS LUNCH – There are still a few who have yet to pay Janet. Could you please do it ASAP as she is going to the golf club this week to confirm all places.

A big Thankyou to those who have donated raffle prizes so far. They don’t have to be expensive but any raffle prize that you can manage to donate will be gratefully received and will help make the day an enjoyable occasion.




Can I just ask folk who haven’t yet paid for the upcoming Xmas Lunch that Janet needs the money this coming weekend if at all possible so that she can complete arrangements with the Cleckheaton Golf Club. Thanks to all those who have already paid and completed their menu selections.

As my earlier suggestion of a December Singles competition was met with overwhelming indifference I’ve decided to include a Xmas LADIES v GENTS to start off the season of goodwill, joy and happiness. You never know ladies that as it’s Xmas the gents may be in a benevolent mood and let you start the festivities in good heart by winning your first LvG of the year. DREAM ON!!!

As we’ll be playing it on Saturday 15th December Xmas jumpers etc are a must. I’m thinking that perhaps mince pies might be there too.


For those that watch the occasional petanque match on facebook or Youtube you will have noted that the terrains for the World championships in Canada and also the Europeans recently were described as “technical” and a “good test of skills” by Martin Hughes during his commentaries. He and a few others have suggested that we should make at least one of our squares suitably technical. Consequently our thoughts are that we add some patches of 20mm limestone chips to one of the squares and possibly removing areas of fine gravel chips. Yes it will make play more difficult. It will mean that to shoot consistently we will have learn and practise shooting boule to boule and pointing may require us to be able to roll, short lob, high lob etc to negotiate the terrain. Before we do it I’m happy to hear comments from members as well as committee members. No doubt some will like it more than others but it will be only 5 of our 22 pistes affected and it will push us to develop our skills. Let me know what you think.



Just to let you know that because 6 of us are away tomorrow playing at Nottingham we are a little short on key holders.

Fear ye not- Roger and Alma will be there to open up but may be there nearer to 10 o’clock than   9.15am. Please be patient. You can always open the terrain gates and have a warm up!!!!

Winter Petanque Timed Games

After a little deliberation over the issue of folk having a long wait in between games and consequently getting frozen we have come up with a master plan to hopefully ensure that members get a good game.

Each week we will decide on the weather conditions. If it’s pretty cold we will announce timed games of 45 minutes. When the bell goes the matches still in progress will finish the end they are playing and then play one more end to decide their game. If you should happen to finish your game very quickly, eg 15-20 minutes, then we recommend that if you don’t want to stand around, drink coffee etc you start another game to keep you warm until the bell goes and we re-draw numbers.

We’ll review after a few trial runs.

Calendar Change for Pairs Event

The eagle-eyed members will have noted that our calendar indicates a Pairs competition on the 10th of November. Well, because 6 of us will be playing in a Eurocup match at Nottingham that day I thought we’d be better moving the Pairs Competition back a week to Saturday 17th November. We will draw partners on the day and in order to complete four games in a Snake format we will have timed games. Please be at club in good time to do the draw.

As yet we don’t have a competition lined up for December so I’m thinking perhaps we might have a singles competition. The last one seemed to be enjoyed by all who played so why not? Those not keen to join in can enjoy a social melee instead.

October month end melee

Despite the weather having turned quite wintry 40 people turned up today for the month end melee, unfortunately pilot error meant that only 39 were recorded accurately on the sheet, Subsequently Roger F did not get a card for the first game and therefore did not play, however, he turned his hand to rodent operative, time keeper and bell ringer so all was not lost. The results, subject to scrutiny, were as follows:

Joint 7 place – 2 wins + 14 Doreen H and Ken B

6 place – 2 wins + 19 Alan N

5 place – 2 wins + 22 Clive Mc

4 place – 3 wins + 18 Gordon

3 place – 3 wins + 21 Roy H

2 place – 3 wins + 24 Bev W

and the winner with  3 wins + 29 was Ian F