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A Few thoughts before I fly.


Despite flying off to the Mediterranean tomorrow morning I couldn’t resist a final fix of Firth Park today.

Pretty mixed feelings but I’ll list the highs and lows for thoughts while I’m away. Firstly gaining entry was quite difficult. The gate padlock was almost immovable due to the plastic weather guard being broken and part of it jammed into the fitting area. I’m not sure if it’s due to someone trying to gain illicit entry or if someone has been down to practise Sunday or even today and had difficulty closing the lock. However, if it’s a member please ask for guidance as it’s the second time recently the padlock has been fitted either back to front or incorrectly.

Having gained entry I found on the terrain, apart from the usual empty pop bottles and litter, a coffee mug, a throwing circle and several golf tees (scoreboard markers). Please guys if you take a drink outside with you remember to bring your mug in after you.

When you’ve finished your last game of the day try to remember to ensure your scorer, complete with tees and your throwing circle are either put in the trolley or brought into the pavilion.

Also, and just to prove we don’t have a paid cleaner, caretaker nor groundsman, I would just like to ask anyone with time and energy to add their names to our pavilion cleaning rota. It’s about an hour and half’s work for two people. During the past few summer months we thought we had an agreement with the Ravensthorpe bowls section that they would clean the pavilion. I’m only aware of that being done once and I know several of our energetic members have carried out some ad hoc cleaning to keep the place in suitable condition. Well, the bowlers have finished their season so it’s back to us.

The volunteers’ list is on our notice board and if you can’t see it then I’m sure our committee members will identify it for you.

Finally a more positive note. At 4pm today there wasn’t a leaf on our terrains. The secret leaf blower fairy has visited again. No doubt there will be a few there on Wednesday but hopefully not so many. Enjoy your petanque and see you in a month.


T-SHIRTS and Northern AGM coming up

Just to let everyone know I now have been given the remaining stock of TOG24 t-shirts that were prepared for our La British Open competition in the hope we can sell a few more.

There are shirts with each of the main statements, ie GREAT BOULES OF FIRE, GET YOUR BOULES OUT, BOULES OF STEEL and a few navy blue of the TOG24 motif on the front. There are both Navy and white in sizes from small up to 2XL in the three main designs. There are perhaps between 2-5 of each size and colour so if you fancy one please either let me know soon or be at club to try on the samples I have.

There are a very small number of the light blue polo shirts but only sizes 2XL up to 4XL. There are a handful of the blue caps and one black one. First come first served.


Also will all members who are either EPA registered or NORTHERN ASSOCIATE members note that the NORTHERN AGM will take place at Wiggington Squash Club (Near York) on Saturday 20th October, 4pm start. Following the AGM there will be the Presentation Evening with Buffet, games and Disco. Tickets £5 each.

As Alan Swift and Sue Swift are now to stand down from their posts as President and Secretary after around 20 years service there will be a number of posts to be appointed and so your opinions and votes could be quite important in determining the future development of our petanque region.

If you are ready, willing and able to attend the AGM and the presentation evening party please let me know ASAP as I have to book tickets. I’m also off for my long awaited holiday next Tuesday 25th September.





The sun eventually shone on an excellent day for petanque in Greenhead Park as Hecky played Huddersfield PC for the right to turn the coveted ASHES trophy to display their club colour for another year. This was the second time the ASHES have been played for. We started last year at Heckmondwike and we edged home on points difference only. This year the match went pretty much the to same theme with each of the first three rounds being drawn at 3 games all. We had our noses in front on points difference. In the final round however we managed to edge into a winning 4-2 position after a brilliant comeback in the final game by Alma, Jean and Stuart to score three and take the game 13-10.

All games were played in an excellent sporting but competitive atmosphere as is the usual theme for our two clubs. Huddersfield are to be thanked for their brilliant hospitality and in particular Elizabeth for masterminding an excellent lunch. A big Thankyou to all players at both clubs for making it a really enjoyable day.


Huddersfield very Kindly put up prizes for the team with the best performance figures of the day and it was great to see one of our Hecky teams take the honours with four wins and plus 27 points. Our team consisted of several players who were getting their first experience of competitive team play and all turned in excellent performances. Tony McDonald was one of those debutants and was also in the champion trio with Georgie Fitton and Walter Bottrill. Well done everyone.



The latest round of the LADIES V GENTS series saw a good contest between 9 teams from each camp. The ladies had 18 members and the gents 21. As usual for these matches competition was very keen. Both sides were missing some of their more experienced players but it seemed to have a greater effect for the ladies. It was noted as well that we have been fortunate to have recruited an appreciable number of new lady members who might still be finding their feet on our terrains and getting into highly competitive mode.

Anyway, enough of the analysis. The end result was probably the most resounding victory for the gents in the history of the series. Many of the games were close affairs but the gents gained the upper hand in most of them to run out winners by 23 games to 4. They also knew the score from previous victories and didn’t hang around for a team photo. They were off on the road for a long walk home to prepare their own tea. A rather quaint tradition but a little irksome as it had started raining while the results were being scrutinised. Perhaps one day we’ll learn its  better to lose graciously and get a lift home. A quick mention for five gents teams who scored three wins out of three.Ken Hutchinson and Stuart Bolton scored 3 wins plus 31 points, while Ian Fitton and Kevin Wild scored 3 with plus 26 points. Both the Roger Farrar and Roy Henstock pairing and Alan Norfolk with myself scored three wins plus 20 points. Finally the triple team of Chris Hopkins, Trevor May and Peter Wharton scored three wins plus 9 points. Well done guys. The ray of sunshine for the ladies was a fine performance by Jane Farrar and Ann Howell in getting 2 wins from their three games. Full results are in the RESULTS PAGE.

Next item on our calendar is the ASHES MATCH at HUDDERSFIELD on TUESDAY 11th SEPTEMBER where we are fielding six triples teams to match the same from Huddersfield in what promises to be a good day of petanque.

I will update our calendar shortly as we don’t have much planned for October but hopefully we can fit in a pairs or even singles competition before Xmas.


Just to remind everyone that it’s LADIES v GENTS this coming Saturday so please arrive in good time to get teams sorted.

Next TUESDAY 11th SEPTEMBER we hope to take a squad of 18 members, to form 6 triples teams to play HUDDERSFIELD for the HPC ASHES. Our hosts have now confirmed the arrangements as :- Play starts at 11.00am with three rounds of triples in a SNAKE FORMAT. We will then hopefully break for a spot of lunch while the scorers review results so far. Each clubs teams will be ranked based on the three earlier rounds and then the fourth round will be Huddersfield 1st rank team versus Hecky 1st rank team and so on. We still need a few more players to reach our 18 requirement so if you’re interested in taking part in a great day of petanque see me on Wednesday to get a place in the team.

Holiday weather for very enjoyable visit from Great Yarmouth PC

Very surprising for a Bank Holiday but the sun shone all day for a brilliant session of petanque to celebrate the first ever visit to Heckmondwike by Great Yarmouth Petanque Club.

The morning session saw five pairs from each of our clubs play three rounds, each timed for an hour. Quite fittingly the break for lunch saw each team claiming seven wins with one game tied.

At this point Great Yarmouth lost Jessica as she went to watch Huddersfield Town play. She is a local girl and one of the positive reasons David Giles brought his team to visit us. Heckmondwike lost a few players for a variety of reasons but mainly they were short of stamina with another three games of triples ahead after lunch.

A special mention here to our two heroes, Ann & Stuart Bolton, who made tremendous efforts to play both morning and afternoon sessions. I just hope they have now had a good rest and are fully recovered. I guess it will take even longer for them to forgive me for having to play six games but very well played and thank you. Walt Bottrill, one of our up and coming youngsters, also showed great effort to play in both sessions and only succumbed to an armchair for the final game. Thanks also to all of our members who took part and help make the day a great success.

For the record Gt Yarmouth took the honours in the afternoon triples games but it was still an excellent day and I’m sure we’ll meet again in the not too distant future to share some more enjoyable games.




Perhaps for a change the end of the month arrived before the money ran out but really it was because the last weekend of the month will be complicated by a Bank Holiday and the fact that we will be welcoming some players from Great Yarmouth petanque club. This month 36 members turned out to battle for points.

Competition, as usual was keen with fortunes switching and changing by the minute. Even though going into the final round there were 13 players with two wins and high hopes of taking the trophy the usual petanque voodoo was guaranteed to strike. So for 7 of the 13 hopefuls  defeat at the last hurdle struck again. Both Cath and Ralph Clegg collected points. Cath had 2 wins and plus 15 to take 7th place and a point. Ralph, meanwhile scored 3 wins and plus 14 points to take 6th place and 2 points. 3 wins and plus 18 points lifted Patricia Child into 5th place and a 3 point haul. Just a single point better off was Clive McCulloch in 4th place and edging into 3rd place with 3 wins and plus 21 was Roger Locker. Trevor May took second place with 3 wins and plus 23 points but all were surpassed by Walt Bottrill. Walt scored his first points of the year and his 3 wins plus 27 gained him the August Melee trophy and 9 points to lift him well up in the table.

This coming Saturday we are expecting around 10 members of Great Yarmouth PC to visit and play some games. We are hoping to give games to members looking for a chance to play players from other clubs and areas.

We will be providing some lunch for our guests but please could our members still bring their own lunch as usual.