Today’s pairs snake competition confirmed two things we knew about petanque players in general and Heckmondwike members in particular. We are hardy and keen (perhaps even foolhardy) and that no-one is unbeatable when playing petanque.

In quite chilly conditions 41 members turned out for the three round snake competition. For the eagle-eyed mathematicians we did have one triple team.

Just two of the twenty teams didn’t register a victory and only one team won all three.

Three teams shared third place. With two wins and plus 12 points third place honours went to Jean McC with Gordon W, Ralph C with Stuart B, and Pam W with Janet S.

Second place went to Cath C with David W who scored two wins and plus 16 points.

However, todays champions, and the only team to win all three games were Bev W and Ian F. Congratulations and well done.

A special well done and thank you to everyone who turned out to play and for making it an enjoyable day of petanque.

The FULL RESULTS can be viewed in the RESULTS PAGE of this blog.

On SATURDAY 26th we play the first MONTH END MELEE of 2019. Following suggestions from members and a mini vote amongst those present today we will experiment with a modified and simplified system of just counting up games won to find 2019’s champion. It’s a fair chance that points difference will play a significant role as well this year but the overriding requirement is that you’ve got to be there to win. GOOD LUCK everyone.

COACHING – I have had notice from the Northern Lead Coach, Lee Edgar, that there will be a coaching day on Saturday 16th February at Hollicarrs Petanque Club. This session is open to everyone from any club in Northern Region. It is free for Northern Associate members. It’s about a one hour drive and near Selby. Cost for Non-members is £3. Lee has promised to arrange a session for us at Heckmondwike which may include Huddersfield and Mirfield members and is likely to be in March. More info to come.

For those still deep in thought about our CHARITY QUIZ NIGHT, Friday 22nd Feb, can you please let Jane know ASAP. Don’t worry if you haven’t made up a team yet we can sort it quite easily on the night. It’s a great evening with a lovely supper and the chance to complete conversations you start and never finish when playing petanque. Plus it makes a sizeable donation to our chosen charity.




Our New Year started with the customary speed boules 13/30 melee competition.

The idea is designed to keep players on the move with all games finishing together either when one team reaches 13 points or after 30 minutes play. A helpful ploy in cold weather. 29 Members turned out and played 4 rounds. The first was a lightning fast one with Ralph Clegg, Trevor May and Graham Terry racing to a 13-0 victory in 12 minutes. No other player had managed to get into double figures in the other games. Fortunes of several players rose and fell game by game and the final points tallies were remarkably close. Five players shared 4th spot on 36 points. Carol Hall, Trevor May, Georgie Fitton, Chris Hopkins and Roger Farrar were the five. Just one point ahead, and sharing second place came Audrey Barnett and Walter Bottrill. But, just one point better off, on 37 points, was this year’s champion Graham Terry. Well done Graham.

Meanwhile, on Sunday several of our members were at Doncaster for a Northern Winter League 5 round Snake. 18 teams were entered including Kevin Hepworth with Christine Appleyard, Alma Johnson with myself, Jane and Roger Farrar, Gordon Walsworth teamed up with Roy Henstock who has dual “citizenship” at Heckmondwike and Huddersfield along with Brendan O’Callaghan with Paul Simpkins. Brendan is also a member of both Heckmondwike and Huddersfield. All of our teams recorded some notable wins against high calibre opposition but our stars of the day were Jane and Roger Farrar. Winning 4 of their 5 games they shared top spot of the leaderboard. A brilliant achievement in a field of talented Northern players. Sadly for Doncaster PC this event looks like being the last fixture to be played as they are about to lose their terrain due to a new development. We wish the club good luck in finding a new home soon.

This coming Saturday we will run a members PAIRS COMPETITION. We will draw partners on the day for a 3 round SNAKE format.

Annual Quiz 22 February 2019

Please can all those thinking about getting a team together and attending the quiz let me (Jane) know as soon as possible. I have to confirm and give a deposit to the Golf Club this week so need to make sure there is sufficient interest. 30 or so have committed so far however, we need to attract  more to make the event viable. All family and friends welcome.


For all of our members considering joining either Petanque England or Northern Region as an Associate member or just wanting to renew, then it’s now time to get sorted.

Joining Petanque England can be done directly on line by going to the PE website and clicking on new membership. This will link you to a “loveadmin” site. You will be asked to submit your email address and set up a Password. The fee for 2019 will be £30 of which £8 goes to Northern Region. While on this site you will be able to print off your membership form . It will help to have a passport style photo to attach to the membership form. This membership would enable you to enter Northern Championship competitions that would ultimately allow you to play in National competitions and perhaps represent England. You would be eligible to form a team to enter the Northern Qualifiers and perhaps represent the Northern Region at Hayling Island for the National Regional Finals. You would be eligible to represent Heckmondwike Petanque Club’s team to enter the Eurocup competition. You would also get the benefits outlined below as a Northern Associate member.

Joining Northern Region as an Associate Member will cost £8 and qualify you to enter Northern Championship competitions that do NOT lead on to representing the Northern Region nor Petanque England. You will qualify for free coaching sessions, the free loan of books and videos on petanque held be Northern Region. Eligibility to play in Northern Silver ranked competitions including La British Open competition. To enter Northern there are forms pinned to our notice board. Please fill one in and let me have it back with your £8. I am assisting with registrations this year. Could both new members and those renewing complete a form and hand it to me please.

Any queries just contact me either at club or by email.


Even though it was raining when we started playing this morning it was obvious that our members rarely get put off by the weather. The rain gods eventually surrendered and the brave 28 members finished the day in relatively calm, dry conditions.

This was our last melee before Xmas so I must take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families a happy xmas and a healthy and enjoyable new year.

Best wishes also to fellow petanque players and close friends in local and Northern petanque clubs and fellow players everywhere.

Those that are desperate for fresh air and exercise on Boxing Day are very welcome to turn up at the usual time of 1pm and Roger J and Alma will be there to open up.

To get the New Year underway we will be holding our 13/30 Speed Melee on Saturday 5th January. For those that are not familiar with this format don’t panic. The idea first of all is that all games finish together either when the first game reaches 13 by one team or after 30 minutes play. We then redraw and start again thus minimising standing around in cold conditions. All you need to put on the scoresheet is your own points score for each game. Competition winner is highest points scored. No mention of games won.

For those looking to get a little more adventurous next year you should check out the events in the Northern Winter league calendar. A pairs event at Doncaster on 6th January is followed every two weeks by a similar 5 round snake at a different club in Northern region. They are good fun and a great chance to try out different terrains and play against other Northern players. Your play will improve by entering these. These events and our club events are to be seen in our calendar on the PAPERWORK PAGE of this blog. Note the blog at the moment is only planned up to June next year and will be updated once the Northern Calendar is finalised in a couple of weeks and also the dates agreed for a few more competitions to be confirmed.

We are also planning a visit by the Northern coaches, perhaps in February, to give us a little help in developing skills and playing better games.



It was a touch and go decision as to whether to postpone our LADIES v GENTS match after listening to weather predictions last night. Opening up at 9.15am neither Gordon nor myself expected that there would be enough members turning up to play the match.

Why did we ever doubt it. Come 9.50am there were 40 members in the pavilion and brilliantly there were 20 ladies and 20 gents. What an amazing and enthusiastic group of members we have.

We completed 3 rounds of a snake format before retiring to the pavilion for hot drinks and mince pies. The first round saw the gents get off to a good start winning it by 7 games to 3. However the ladies decided recent losses against the gents were not going to be repeated this week. They came storming back to take the second round by a 6 games to 4 margin. The third round was looking very close as the teams had 3 wins each. However the gents won 3 of the final four matches to take the round 6-4.

Thus a final overall score gave the gents victory by 17 games to 13 with a plus 75 points difference. Although not winning the ladies did restore their self esteem by making the match a very evenly balanced competition. Is shooting still the only stumbling block to turning a close defeat into victory?

Of the 20 pairs playing only four were unable to gain a victory. Two Ladies pairings and two gents.

A brilliant performance by Georgie Fitton and Christine Appleyard got them three wins out of three with a plus 15 points difference.

For the gents three pairings scored three wins from their three games. Ian Fitton & Roger Farrar scored 3 wins and plus 22 points, Colin Child & David Whittington scored three wins and plus 25 points and Chris Hopkins and myself scored 3 wins and plus 27 points.

While the gents will be pleased with their narrow victory the ladies will be pleased to have shown that there’s not much between the teams. Roll on next year when it promises to be another exciting encounter.

Well done everyone and just hope you all got home safely. We did manage to finish in good time before the promised rain started.

Excellent XMAS LUNCH

Cleckheaton Golf Club served up yet another excellent meal last Wednesday for us to enjoy our sixth Xmas Lunch there. I hope everyone enjoyed their meal as much as I did. It was the largest gathering of our members yet and lovely to see so many attending who have relatively recently joined our club. It was brilliant to have the chance to sit and chat with folk as club days rarely allow such luxury time.

A massive thank you to our brilliant team of ladies on our committee, Janet, Jean, Carol, Jane, Kath and Alma for their efforts to organise the lunch and the raffle. A mention also for our talented town crier, Roger F. who quickly ensures order for our Chairman to speak as well as covering many steps while conducting the raffle draw.

Thankyou to all our members for the wonderful generosity shown not only by the brilliant array of prizes donated for our Xmas Raffle but also the kindness to buy the raffle tickets. The raffle raised £230 which has been divided equally between our club and our chosen charity, “Forget me Not”.

A note for your diaries that we have booked the golf club for next year on Wednesday 18th December.

As is our custom we announced the winner of our annual MONTH END MELEE competition which runs for eleven months of the year. We now have six different winners over the six years and this year it has been won by a lady who has had to cope with a quite worrying operation but is now on the road to recovery. She still managed some excellent boules this year and by scoring 36 points Janet Spencer is our Melee Champion for 2018. Well done Janet. In second place, and completing his first full year of competition with our club was Ian Fitton with 35 points. Well done Ian. Full results can be see on our blog RESULTS PAGE as can everyones’ results.

If Janet is looking a little apprehensive in the picture above it’s just that she’s pondering where to display the “magnificent trophy”, I use the term loosely, for a year. In fact she appears a little reluctant to take it from me.

The month end melee competition has seen a few changes in both format and scoring system over the years and it’s fair to say it can still be improved upon. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to contact me. One suggestion has already been proposed which is just to count games won and forget awarding points. Any comments welcomed. It will always be a competition that involves how your partners and opposition play on the day as well as how often you can attend to take part.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families a very Happy Xmas and a wonderful new year. To all those who have not had such a good year health wise please get well soon and if you’ve been unable to play lets get you back with us soon.

On the topic of Goodwill to all Men, will Ladies please remember this theme during tomorrows Ladies v Gents Xmas Competition. We are in need of love, kindness and 13 points each game. Thankyou