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A beautiful sunny day and 34 members rolled up their sleeves and took part in a rare event for us. A SINGLES competition. It’s a novel game and demands a particular style of play and thought process. No relying on that lucky third boule. Every boule has to be delivered with great consideration and shooting has to be carefully considered. However, it’s also a good fun game. We elected to play the competition as a four round melee with games limited to 40 minutes maximum and no-one to be drawn to play any one person twice. Fortunately the draw only threw up a couple of such instances but these were quickly corrected with a shuffle of cards. Only two of our 34 members failed to win one of their four games so most had there share of success. Just four players managed the magic four wins. Sharing third place with 4 wins and plus 22 points were Colin Child and Ken Billington. Just ahead on 4 wins and plus 29 points was Alan Norfolk. Another fine performance from Alan. Today’s winner was the chap that harvested good bounces, lucky deflections plus a small addition of talent. You’ve guessed it. With 4 wins and plus 33 points I stole it. But, shamelessly I will dine out on it for weeks to come. Full results are in the RESULTS PAGE of the  blog.

Next Saturday we have the month end melee. These seem to be coming round very quickly in a year that seems to be getting busier and busier.



A massive thankyou to the 48 members who attended and contributed to our AGM last Saturday. Apologies to the folk who were forced to stand due to the shortage of seats.

The minutes are now on our blog PAPERWORK PAGE and also on our club Notice Board. The main outcomes are also included herewith. Thankyou to all of our members who listened and appreciated our thoughts regarding the fairness of our membership subscription and Bonus Ball system. Whilst the Bonus ball has given much resource to our club and provided some with a Saturday night treat it was now time to change. The proposal to scrap the Bonus Ball and alter the full membership subscription to £20, while still providing free tea/coffee and biscuits was voted for by 47 of the 48 attendees. We also include a Social Membership for £5 per year for those who can only attend to play on odd occasions, ie around 5 times per year, but still wish to be part of our club socially. Many even queued to pay straight away. Don’t panic though. If you could pay subscriptions by end of May that would be  fine. Thankfully there were no changes to our committee with the fabulous crew prepared to continue a little longer.

The Bonus Ball has been drawn last Saturday for our last time. Members who have paid in advance will be refunded or can arrange with Jane to use the money towards membership subscription if they prefer.

This coming Saturday we have planned, I use the term loosely, a rare Singles competition. We will start with a few leagues followed by a knockout. We will probably do shortened league games to ensure we have enough time to get it all completed. It is a different type of game that really makes you concentrate with only your three boules to play but equally good fun. For those that really can’t face it there will be room for social play instead.  Please be there in plenty of time to do the draw for leagues. If members find it enjoyable we may look to run a singles ladder sometime soon.



A couple of days late but we eventually managed to stage the March Month End Melee. 32 members decided to overlook the ominous weather predictions and play petanque. Almost a regrettable decision as a tumultuous April Shower soaked us as we approached the end of the first round. However it soon subsided and battle resumed.

Unlike February’s melee when 7 players scored three wins this event saw the wins spread more evenly. Only two players scored the magic triple. This month two wins and a fair positive points difference got you into the points.

Cath Clegg scored a point for her two wins and plus 8 points. On 2 wins and plus 12 points and gaining two points was Patricia Child. A tie for fourth place and 4 points scored was the reward for Carol McCulloch and Lynne May with two wins and plus 14 points. Ian Fitton earned third place and 5 points with 2 wins and plus 16 points. I was fortunate enough to get 3 wins and plus 25 for second place but this month’s champion with 3 wins and a mammoth plus 32 points was Stuart Bolton. Well done Stuart.

You can reach me by email or text during this next week but I may be a little slow replying as I struggle to put my Irish Coffee and ice cream to one side. See you all at the AGM.


After having to abandon Saturday’s Month End Melee due to rain and large puddles on the terrain we were relieved to see the tide go out in time for us to host the first Northern Summer League Silver Triples event. Unlike past years where Winter and Summer League events have been run on a Snake format we were required to run this on a league followed by a knockout system.

The format, sadly, was not to everyone’s delight as those knocked out in the first round of knockout had played four games instead of the usual five. However, as the final games didn’t finish until 6.10pm it could well have been a blessing, I shudder to think what time it would have finished if a Rolling knockout had been run.

As if to show how competitive the field was, the three leagues of four teams playing three games each resulted in just three teams winning more than one game and no-one losing all three. It was all down to points difference to see who made it through to the knockout and who played the Consolage.

Performance of the day goes to Georgie and Ian Fitton playing with Trevor May who were taking their first step into competitive petanque. First game up was against a trio containing two England international players and they came away with a resounding 13-9 victory. If that doesn’t inspire folk to give outside competitions a try then I can’t think what will. Well done you three.

Another excellent performance came from the Yorkshire Lassies, Alma, Jean and Janet, who were successful in making it into the knockout quarter final rounds and gave a very good account of themselves before just failing to make the semi-finals. Well done ladies.

Pam and Alan Wallace playing with Leeds based David Wiseman also had a good day making it through to the knockout quarter final.

Three more of our members, Gordon Walsworth, Christine Appleyard and Kevin Hepworth, starred in the Consolage competition by winning the final. Well done to you as well.

The day’s champions and only team to win all of their games were Angie & John Gaughan playing with Thierry Condette.