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Christmas Menu

The menu for our Christmas lunch at Cleckheaton Golf Club will soon be on display in the club. Price this year is £25 per person. Please make your choices as soon as possible and return your slip and payment to Janet or Jean. Thank you.


Christmas Lunch

Just a reminder to put your name on the list if you would like to come to the Christmas lunch. It is on 12 December at Cleckheaton Golf Club, the menu has not been finalised as yet but will be much the same as last year. The list is easy to find on the notice board it is next to the list for the Cleaning Rota which we hope will attract plenty of interest too. New members may not be aware it is anticipated that all members who are able to do so  volunteer in taking their turn at cleaning the clubhouse. If all those who are able to clean do so it means your turn would only come round once every 3 years or so.

September Melee

What glorious weather today for our monthly melee. 29 people turned up, which was a good number given that quite a few regular players are away en vacance still. In 3rd place with 3 wins  + 8 points was Janet S, good to see you back and in fine form Janet,  2nd  place with 3 wins + 16 points was Walter, well done Walter and with 3 wins + 19 points to take 1st place was Chris H, congratulations Chris. It was anticipated that we would have a photo of the worthy winner however, he disappeared for hair and make-up and didn’t come back.

Come in number 14

For the second time this week we are tracking missing cards. The culprit who went home on Saturday with number 16 has been identified however, yesterday someone appears to have wandered home with card number 14 about their person. Please can all those who played yesterday check their pockets. and anywhere else you may stash a playing number for the missing card 14.  Thanks.

A Few thoughts before I fly.


Despite flying off to the Mediterranean tomorrow morning I couldn’t resist a final fix of Firth Park today.

Pretty mixed feelings but I’ll list the highs and lows for thoughts while I’m away. Firstly gaining entry was quite difficult. The gate padlock was almost immovable due to the plastic weather guard being broken and part of it jammed into the fitting area. I’m not sure if it’s due to someone trying to gain illicit entry or if someone has been down to practise Sunday or even today and had difficulty closing the lock. However, if it’s a member please ask for guidance as it’s the second time recently the padlock has been fitted either back to front or incorrectly.

Having gained entry I found on the terrain, apart from the usual empty pop bottles and litter, a coffee mug, a throwing circle and several golf tees (scoreboard markers). Please guys if you take a drink outside with you remember to bring your mug in after you.

When you’ve finished your last game of the day try to remember to ensure your scorer, complete with tees and your throwing circle are either put in the trolley or brought into the pavilion.

Also, and just to prove we don’t have a paid cleaner, caretaker nor groundsman, I would just like to ask anyone with time and energy to add their names to our pavilion cleaning rota. It’s about an hour and half’s work for two people. During the past few summer months we thought we had an agreement with the Ravensthorpe bowls section that they would clean the pavilion. I’m only aware of that being done once and I know several of our energetic members have carried out some ad hoc cleaning to keep the place in suitable condition. Well, the bowlers have finished their season so it’s back to us.

The volunteers’ list is on our notice board and if you can’t see it then I’m sure our committee members will identify it for you.

Finally a more positive note. At 4pm today there wasn’t a leaf on our terrains. The secret leaf blower fairy has visited again. No doubt there will be a few there on Wednesday but hopefully not so many. Enjoy your petanque and see you in a month.

Club clothing

An order for waterproof jackets with the club logo will be going in next week, so if the recent change in climate has made you think you would like one please place an order with Carol Mc as soon as.

Also while Clive is taking his well earned break in Majorca I (Jane) am in charge of selling the Tog 24  merchandise. There are plenty of tee shirts, a few polo shirts and some caps so please see me if you are interested. Christmas is coming and who wouldn’t want to wake up to  “Get your boules out ” from Santa.

T-SHIRTS and Northern AGM coming up

Just to let everyone know I now have been given the remaining stock of TOG24 t-shirts that were prepared for our La British Open competition in the hope we can sell a few more.

There are shirts with each of the main statements, ie GREAT BOULES OF FIRE, GET YOUR BOULES OUT, BOULES OF STEEL and a few navy blue of the TOG24 motif on the front. There are both Navy and white in sizes from small up to 2XL in the three main designs. There are perhaps between 2-5 of each size and colour so if you fancy one please either let me know soon or be at club to try on the samples I have.

There are a very small number of the light blue polo shirts but only sizes 2XL up to 4XL. There are a handful of the blue caps and one black one. First come first served.


Also will all members who are either EPA registered or NORTHERN ASSOCIATE members note that the NORTHERN AGM will take place at Wiggington Squash Club (Near York) on Saturday 20th October, 4pm start. Following the AGM there will be the Presentation Evening with Buffet, games and Disco. Tickets £5 each.

As Alan Swift and Sue Swift are now to stand down from their posts as President and Secretary after around 20 years service there will be a number of posts to be appointed and so your opinions and votes could be quite important in determining the future development of our petanque region.

If you are ready, willing and able to attend the AGM and the presentation evening party please let me know ASAP as I have to book tickets. I’m also off for my long awaited holiday next Tuesday 25th September.