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Annual Quiz 22 February 2019

Please can all those thinking about getting a team together and attending the quiz let me (Jane) know as soon as possible. I have to confirm and give a deposit to the Golf Club this week so need to make sure there is sufficient interest. 30 or so have committed so far however, we need to attract  more to make the event viable. All family and friends welcome.


Charity Quiz 22 February 2019

Just a reminder about the quiz night which is at Hanging Heaton Golf Club on Friday 22 February 2019, maximum number per team is 6. Tickets are £7.50 and will be on sale from next week.

October month end melee

Despite the weather having turned quite wintry 40 people turned up today for the month end melee, unfortunately pilot error meant that only 39 were recorded accurately on the sheet, Subsequently Roger F did not get a card for the first game and therefore did not play, however, he turned his hand to rodent operative, time keeper and bell ringer so all was not lost. The results, subject to scrutiny, were as follows:

Joint 7 place – 2 wins + 14 Doreen H and Ken B

6 place – 2 wins + 19 Alan N

5 place – 2 wins + 22 Clive Mc

4 place – 3 wins + 18 Gordon

3 place – 3 wins + 21 Roy H

2 place – 3 wins + 24 Bev W

and the winner with  3 wins + 29 was Ian F

Christmas Menu

The menu for our Christmas lunch at Cleckheaton Golf Club will soon be on display in the club. Price this year is £25 per person. Please make your choices as soon as possible and return your slip and payment to Janet or Jean. Thank you.

Christmas Lunch

Just a reminder to put your name on the list if you would like to come to the Christmas lunch. It is on 12 December at Cleckheaton Golf Club, the menu has not been finalised as yet but will be much the same as last year. The list is easy to find on the notice board it is next to the list for the Cleaning Rota which we hope will attract plenty of interest too. New members may not be aware it is anticipated that all members who are able to do so  volunteer in taking their turn at cleaning the clubhouse. If all those who are able to clean do so it means your turn would only come round once every 3 years or so.

September Melee

What glorious weather today for our monthly melee. 29 people turned up, which was a good number given that quite a few regular players are away en vacance still. In 3rd place with 3 wins  + 8 points was Janet S, good to see you back and in fine form Janet,  2nd  place with 3 wins + 16 points was Walter, well done Walter and with 3 wins + 19 points to take 1st place was Chris H, congratulations Chris. It was anticipated that we would have a photo of the worthy winner however, he disappeared for hair and make-up and didn’t come back.

Come in number 14

For the second time this week we are tracking missing cards. The culprit who went home on Saturday with number 16 has been identified however, yesterday someone appears to have wandered home with card number 14 about their person. Please can all those who played yesterday check their pockets. and anywhere else you may stash a playing number for the missing card 14.  Thanks.