It was a touch and go decision as to whether to postpone our LADIES v GENTS match after listening to weather predictions last night. Opening up at 9.15am neither Gordon nor myself expected that there would be enough members turning up to play the match.

Why did we ever doubt it. Come 9.50am there were 40 members in the pavilion and brilliantly there were 20 ladies and 20 gents. What an amazing and enthusiastic group of members we have.

We completed 3 rounds of a snake format before retiring to the pavilion for hot drinks and mince pies. The first round saw the gents get off to a good start winning it by 7 games to 3. However the ladies decided recent losses against the gents were not going to be repeated this week. They came storming back to take the second round by a 6 games to 4 margin. The third round was looking very close as the teams had 3 wins each. However the gents won 3 of the final four matches to take the round 6-4.

Thus a final overall score gave the gents victory by 17 games to 13 with a plus 75 points difference. Although not winning the ladies did restore their self esteem by making the match a very evenly balanced competition. Is shooting still the only stumbling block to turning a close defeat into victory?

Of the 20 pairs playing only four were unable to gain a victory. Two Ladies pairings and two gents.

A brilliant performance by Georgie Fitton and Christine Appleyard got them three wins out of three with a plus 15 points difference.

For the gents three pairings scored three wins from their three games. Ian Fitton & Roger Farrar scored 3 wins and plus 22 points, Colin Child & David Whittington scored three wins and plus 25 points and Chris Hopkins and myself scored 3 wins and plus 27 points.

While the gents will be pleased with their narrow victory the ladies will be pleased to have shown that there’s not much between the teams. Roll on next year when it promises to be another exciting encounter.

Well done everyone and just hope you all got home safely. We did manage to finish in good time before the promised rain started.


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