I’ve have given out some varied information to various members recently with regard to the time for Xmas Lunch next Wednesday. So I thought I’d better get the correct info from Janet and let everyone know.

It’s ARRIVE 1pm FOR A 1.30PM SIT DOWN TO EAT. It won’t be a problem if you arrive a bit earlier as you will have a good opportunity to sit and chat with a pleasant drink in hand.

Hope you all enjoy the lunch and set off an enjoyable festive season.

Also, while I’m owning up to my obvious incompetence as Secretary can I advise everyone that we now have a document with Advice and Information for Members. It’s something I know the numerous folk that have joined us in the last few months would have found helpful. Also we now have a policy for assuring members of the fact that we ensure complete confidentiality in the way we use their personal details.

Both of these documents can be read on the PAPERWORK PAGE of this blog. Please take the time to read them and contact me if you have any queries. There are copies on our noticeboards. While you’re wading down the PAPERWORK PAGE also take the time to read the H&S Guidance document and our GENERAL RISK ASSESSMENT. These are also on our club noticeboard.

Finally don’t forget it’s LADIES v GENTS next Saturday. Go easy on the alcohol at Xmas Lunch gents. We must be in peak condition for this match. Remember Goodwill at Xmas is ok except during this match.

REMEMBER NO PETANQUE NEXT WEDNESDAY – We’re having lunch instead.


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