A Few thoughts before I fly.


Despite flying off to the Mediterranean tomorrow morning I couldn’t resist a final fix of Firth Park today.

Pretty mixed feelings but I’ll list the highs and lows for thoughts while I’m away. Firstly gaining entry was quite difficult. The gate padlock was almost immovable due to the plastic weather guard being broken and part of it jammed into the fitting area. I’m not sure if it’s due to someone trying to gain illicit entry or if someone has been down to practise Sunday or even today and had difficulty closing the lock. However, if it’s a member please ask for guidance as it’s the second time recently the padlock has been fitted either back to front or incorrectly.

Having gained entry I found on the terrain, apart from the usual empty pop bottles and litter, a coffee mug, a throwing circle and several golf tees (scoreboard markers). Please guys if you take a drink outside with you remember to bring your mug in after you.

When you’ve finished your last game of the day try to remember to ensure your scorer, complete with tees and your throwing circle are either put in the trolley or brought into the pavilion.

Also, and just to prove we don’t have a paid cleaner, caretaker nor groundsman, I would just like to ask anyone with time and energy to add their names to our pavilion cleaning rota. It’s about an hour and half’s work for two people. During the past few summer months we thought we had an agreement with the Ravensthorpe bowls section that they would clean the pavilion. I’m only aware of that being done once and I know several of our energetic members have carried out some ad hoc cleaning to keep the place in suitable condition. Well, the bowlers have finished their season so it’s back to us.

The volunteers’ list is on our notice board and if you can’t see it then I’m sure our committee members will identify it for you.

Finally a more positive note. At 4pm today there wasn’t a leaf on our terrains. The secret leaf blower fairy has visited again. No doubt there will be a few there on Wednesday but hopefully not so many. Enjoy your petanque and see you in a month.


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