The latest round of the LADIES V GENTS series saw a good contest between 9 teams from each camp. The ladies had 18 members and the gents 21. As usual for these matches competition was very keen. Both sides were missing some of their more experienced players but it seemed to have a greater effect for the ladies. It was noted as well that we have been fortunate to have recruited an appreciable number of new lady members who might still be finding their feet on our terrains and getting into highly competitive mode.

Anyway, enough of the analysis. The end result was probably the most resounding victory for the gents in the history of the series. Many of the games were close affairs but the gents gained the upper hand in most of them to run out winners by 23 games to 4. They also knew the score from previous victories and didn’t hang around for a team photo. They were off on the road for a long walk home to prepare their own tea. A rather quaint tradition but a little irksome as it had started raining while the results were being scrutinised. Perhaps one day we’ll learn its  better to lose graciously and get a lift home. A quick mention for five gents teams who scored three wins out of three.Ken Hutchinson and Stuart Bolton scored 3 wins plus 31 points, while Ian Fitton and Kevin Wild scored 3 with plus 26 points. Both the Roger Farrar and Roy Henstock pairing and Alan Norfolk with myself scored three wins plus 20 points. Finally the triple team of Chris Hopkins, Trevor May and Peter Wharton scored three wins plus 9 points. Well done guys. The ray of sunshine for the ladies was a fine performance by Jane Farrar and Ann Howell in getting 2 wins from their three games. Full results are in the RESULTS PAGE.

Next item on our calendar is the ASHES MATCH at HUDDERSFIELD on TUESDAY 11th SEPTEMBER where we are fielding six triples teams to match the same from Huddersfield in what promises to be a good day of petanque.

I will update our calendar shortly as we don’t have much planned for October but hopefully we can fit in a pairs or even singles competition before Xmas.


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