Holiday weather for very enjoyable visit from Great Yarmouth PC

Very surprising for a Bank Holiday but the sun shone all day for a brilliant session of petanque to celebrate the first ever visit to Heckmondwike by Great Yarmouth Petanque Club.

The morning session saw five pairs from each of our clubs play three rounds, each timed for an hour. Quite fittingly the break for lunch saw each team claiming seven wins with one game tied.

At this point Great Yarmouth lost Jessica as she went to watch Huddersfield Town play. She is a local girl and one of the positive reasons David Giles brought his team to visit us. Heckmondwike lost a few players for a variety of reasons but mainly they were short of stamina with another three games of triples ahead after lunch.

A special mention here to our two heroes, Ann & Stuart Bolton, who made tremendous efforts to play both morning and afternoon sessions. I just hope they have now had a good rest and are fully recovered. I guess it will take even longer for them to forgive me for having to play six games but very well played and thank you. Walt Bottrill, one of our up and coming youngsters, also showed great effort to play in both sessions and only succumbed to an armchair for the final game. Thanks also to all of our members who took part and help make the day a great success.

For the record Gt Yarmouth took the honours in the afternoon triples games but it was still an excellent day and I’m sure we’ll meet again in the not too distant future to share some more enjoyable games.




1 thought on “Holiday weather for very enjoyable visit from Great Yarmouth PC

  1. Ann Bolton

    Had a great day playing SIX games, good team spirit from everyone. Great Yarmouth well deserved winners. 🙂


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