Perhaps for a change the end of the month arrived before the money ran out but really it was because the last weekend of the month will be complicated by a Bank Holiday and the fact that we will be welcoming some players from Great Yarmouth petanque club. This month 36 members turned out to battle for points.

Competition, as usual was keen with fortunes switching and changing by the minute. Even though going into the final round there were 13 players with two wins and high hopes of taking the trophy the usual petanque voodoo was guaranteed to strike. So for 7 of the 13 hopefuls  defeat at the last hurdle struck again. Both Cath and Ralph Clegg collected points. Cath had 2 wins and plus 15 to take 7th place and a point. Ralph, meanwhile scored 3 wins and plus 14 points to take 6th place and 2 points. 3 wins and plus 18 points lifted Patricia Child into 5th place and a 3 point haul. Just a single point better off was Clive McCulloch in 4th place and edging into 3rd place with 3 wins and plus 21 was Roger Locker. Trevor May took second place with 3 wins and plus 23 points but all were surpassed by Walt Bottrill. Walt scored his first points of the year and his 3 wins plus 27 gained him the August Melee trophy and 9 points to lift him well up in the table.

This coming Saturday we are expecting around 10 members of Great Yarmouth PC to visit and play some games. We are hoping to give games to members looking for a chance to play players from other clubs and areas.

We will be providing some lunch for our guests but please could our members still bring their own lunch as usual.


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