Over the past few weeks some of our members have been living a petanque dream.

First they are playing in the “La British Open” petanque championship against leading players in our country and from Europe. A couple of weeks later and a group are in the Northern Region team playing against Mercia and Heart of England in a fabulous day of petanque at Mansfield. Move on to today and we’re playing in the Euro Cup against Mansfield.

Having had a bye in the 1st round we faced Mansfield on our home terrain in the 2nd round. Our team of six, who all had to be full Petanque England registered members, kicked off our latest adventure with two games of triples. Jane and Roger Farrar along with Colin Child were a little slow getting into their stride and were soon 0-10 down. However they staged a very strong comeback pulling the score back to 8-10. However the Mansfield lads finished with a good end to take the game 13-8.

Meanwhile Kath & Clive Westley along with Gordon Walsworth were involved in a very tight game with the lead switching at almost every end. At 9 across we had a brilliant opportunity after moving the coche with the opposition having one boule left. They didn’t get a good outcome leaving us three boules to boule in for game. Kath sent in two gems to count but sadly yours truly left his boule a foot short. To compound the issue, on the next end we somehow contrived to send in 6 poor boules leaving the end at Mansfield’s mercy. They didn’t fail and took the game 13-12.

Things looked a bit grim at this point but our pairs played some brilliant petanque as first Kath and I won 13-10, followed by Gordon and Colin snatching a last end two points to win 13-12. Jane and Roger had built an early 8-0 lead but that was slowly eroding when a couple of good ends saw them get home 13-6. A brilliant 3-2 win takes our Euro-Cup adventure on further into the 3rd round. Our thanks go to Mansfield players who helped make today a brilliantly enjoyable match of petanque.




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