This weekend saw a first for Heckmondwike Petanque Club and a proud moment for the four of us pictured. On Sunday we received and played in our new Northern strip in a triangular match with Mercia and Heart of England.

In September we go to Hayling Island for a weekend spectacular of petanque where we will represent the Northern Region in the National Regional Championships. Around 1000 avid petanque players will play 12 matches over two days as the nations regions look to become national region champions. It promises to be a great experience.

Now the reason for my post. It’s not to tell you all how brilliant we are. I’m sure you can all recall recent games when you’ve beaten us. It’s a post to encourage all of our members to widen their petanque horizons and experience playing petanque at other clubs and terrains. It will greatly help you improve you standard of play as well as your enjoyment of the game.

The four of us above joined forces to “have a go at the Regional Qualifiers” some months ago. It’s a triples competition but because we were keen to try and the club didn’t have enough members of Petanque England who were available to field two teams of three it was our only opportunity. I guess that all would agree that four members adds even more nervous pressure to the already tense matches against some good teams but we managed to qualify for the Northern Championship team. Each one of us played our best game when sat on the sidelines. When you play and lose a game you feel the pressure to want to stand down for the next one.

However a team spirit and desire to do well will hopefully see us enjoy a great weekend at Hayling Island.

It would be great if a few other members would give it a try.  Join Petanque England next January and be prepared to set aside the necessary time to play qualifiers and perhaps go to Hayling Island. It will give us a chance to perhaps enter two or even three teams.


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