The last time I did this the poor handrail on the stairs had bitten the dust before I’d published the blog. Therefore I know I’m tempting fate by showing our new handrails erected today by our fine Kirklees welding guys.

What’s more they are planning to return tomorrow to paint them!!!!

Even more good news, and certainly more important than the handrails is that we’ve just heard that Janet’s operation has been successful so far. The consultant has removed some drains today and so the next 24hrs will be important. More good news hopefully to follow in the next few days.

Finally for those with a sense of humour in the early hours you may want to tune in to BBC Radio Leeds tomorrow morning at 8am. We are planning to fill the airwaves as the first item following the 8am news when we will try to encourage folk to visit the “La British Open” competition and maybe give petanque a try. It could rival Round the Horne, for those with a long memory but more likely to emulate The Goon Show. Oh the good old days!!


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