If there is one thing you learn from playing Petanque it’s that if something could happen in a game then it almost certainly will. Our West Yorkshire League match today was our last of the season while Leeds still have one more to play next week. For us the maths was simple. If we could win 4-1 then our lead at the top of the league would be too great for Leeds to overhaul in their last fixture. If we won 3-2 then Leeds could overhaul us by winning 4-1 in their last game. Bearing in mind we lost 1-4 away at Leeds either winning scoreline was going to be tough to achieve. We started the triples full of hope and it seemed just a matter of minutes before the first shock occurred. Roger F, Clive McC and Colin C were sat watching us. Playing a formidable Leeds trio of Sam, Steve and Nestor it took just three ends to record a magnificent 13-0 victory. No disrespect lads but you would have got very goods odds for predicting that brilliant result. Well done indeed. Alma J, Ian F and Clive W took part in a relatively less exciting match but it was full of good shooting and pointing and we eventually ran out 13-9 winners. So far so good but then in the pairs Roger and Colin obviously hadn’t warmed up in their triples and had fired Sam into action. Leeds hit back with a 13-4 victory to turn up the pressure on our team. Alma and I played pretty well to reach a 12-4 lead and yes you’ve guessed it. The last point became incredibly difficult to get. At 12-10 we finally managed to edge home. The lead was now 3-1 and the final match was still nowhere near crunch time. Ian Fitton and Clive McCulloch were holding there own against Nestor and Steve at 7 across. Every end was close and only ones or twos being scored.  First one pair edged ahead then the other. Inevitably 12-12 was reached with Leeds holding the coche. After four boules we had a boule nestling against the coche. Nestor shot out the coche with a brilliant shot. Dead end. The final end was one of the most dramatic ends ever seen. Both teams had boules close and were nudged out as “game on the ground” passed from one team to the other. One boule each and Leeds held the point but Clive McCulloch pointed in brilliantly to nudge them out and hold the point. Poor Nestor attempted to point in and push a Leeds boule in but fortunately for us he failed by a couple of inches. The release of tension around the watching crowd was amazing. Leeds are to be thanked for such a great game full of good sportsmanship as well as excellent play but at the end of a nerve racking match we had the result we desperately hoped for. A 4-1 win. A big thank you and congratulations to all of the 12 Heckmondwike members who have contributed to a successful season.


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