On Sunday Heckmondwike PC hosted a Northern Petanque Summer League Silver ranked pairs competition. We eventually got started with 14 pairs after no-shows from one couple and one guy’s partner. It was played on a league basis followed by a Modified Rolling Knockout and a Plate Snake system. If that sounds like gobbledegook you need to try running it. However, we got through it with the final game to decide the winners being completed at just before 7pm when everyone except yours truly and Kath had hit the road home. Nevertheless, Mike and Ralph were very happy with being crowned Champions by beating Colin and Ted in the final game. Both pairs played some excellent petanque during the day and fully deserved their success. Several pairs from our club took part and all competed very well gaining some notable wins. Pam and Alan Wallace recovered from a slow start to qualify for the Knockout and eventually finish in third place. Meanwhile, Janet Spencer and Jean McCulloch carried on from where they left off in our month end melee by winning their league and then securing 5th place overall in the Knockout. The vagaries of the Modified Rolling Knockout were very frustrating for them as they won 4 of their 6 games to finish fifth while third place was taken with just3 wins from 6. Georgie and Ian Fitton turned in some excellent performances to qualify for the knockout stages as did Kevin Hepworth and Christine Appleyard. Playing under the Huddersfield banner Roy Henstock and Brendan Callaghan, also Hecky members, just missed out on the Knockout stages and joined Kath and I in the Plate competition. Having missed qualification for the knockout by just one point Kath and I finished strongly with three wins to take the Plate trophy. Meanwhile Alma Johnson played a major role towards securing a good Brexit deal by partnering French import, Thierry Condette, from Brandsburton and they too enjoyed some good wins as well as some of Thierry’s finest cakes. A good day of petanque but very tiring after getting to the terrain at 9am and finally locking up at 8.30pm.

As if  a two day weekend of petanque wasn’t enough we had a day of rest on Monday before travelling to Greenhead Park for our scheduled West Yorkshire League fixture against Huddersfield today (Tuesday). Our team of Stuart Bolton, Jane & Roger Farrar, Alma Johnson and Kath and myself turned in an excellent performance to gain a 4-1 victory and keep alive our hopes of finishing high in the league table. Stuart Bolton pointed excellently and with Roger and Jane playing well they took their triples game with an emphatic 13-2 win. Meanwhile our triples team of Alma Johnson, Kath and myself started quite slowly but we snatched a 13-12 victory after trailing 8-12 at one point. Alma and Stuart continued their fine form with a 13-6 victory in the pairs round. Kath and I secured a good 13-3 victory but unfortunately Roger and Jane, perhaps still dreaming of their sea and sun holiday, went down 8-13 in a very good game. An enjoyable match played in very good spirit with our close friends from Greenhead Park.


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