A beautiful sunny day and 34 members rolled up their sleeves and took part in a rare event for us. A SINGLES competition. It’s a novel game and demands a particular style of play and thought process. No relying on that lucky third boule. Every boule has to be delivered with great consideration and shooting has to be carefully considered. However, it’s also a good fun game. We elected to play the competition as a four round melee with games limited to 40 minutes maximum and no-one to be drawn to play any one person twice. Fortunately the draw only threw up a couple of such instances but these were quickly corrected with a shuffle of cards. Only two of our 34 members failed to win one of their four games so most had there share of success. Just four players managed the magic four wins. Sharing third place with 4 wins and plus 22 points were Colin Child and Ken Billington. Just ahead on 4 wins and plus 29 points was Alan Norfolk. Another fine performance from Alan. Today’s winner was the chap that harvested good bounces, lucky deflections plus a small addition of talent. You’ve guessed it. With 4 wins and plus 33 points I stole it. But, shamelessly I will dine out on it for weeks to come. Full results are in the RESULTS PAGE of the  blog.

Next Saturday we have the month end melee. These seem to be coming round very quickly in a year that seems to be getting busier and busier.



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