Just a note to advise all members that we will be holding our AGM  at Firth Park pavilion on Saturday 14th APRIL at 10.00am.

There is a copy of an initial agenda and minutes of the 2017 AGM in the PAPERWORK PAGE of the BLOG but there is a copy of the initial agenda herewith. Please note that if you have any proposals, amendments or items you would like to raise in Any Other Business please let me have the details by Friday 6th April so that I can include them in a Final Agenda to issue a week before the AGM. This will allow members to give consideration to any issues that may involve a vote. Note that there is a proposal already in the initial agenda relating to Member Subscriptions. There is also an amendment proposal to this initial proposal. There is nothing to prevent any member from making a further amendment to this item. Time will be given for those proposing to give a supporting argument for their proposals/amendments and the final decision will be arrived at following a members vote system. Also note that proposals from the floor on the day of the AGM may only be considered if the Chairman approves. If you have a proposal get it to me before the 6th April.

agm-2018-agenda- Initial copy

Social play will follow the AGM.

COACHING SESSION. I will be going to the terrain Friday morning to assess the conditions and will blog the assessment as to whether the COACHING SESSION will go ahead.

Thinking positively the snow has disappeared so it’s just a question of how large the puddles are going to be on Saturday morning.

All members can either join in the coaching session or just play socially. The session will focus on game tactics and shooting. Northern Members can attend free of charge but it will incur a £3 fee for non-northern members.


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