The end of another petanque year.

An exciting, eventful and very enjoyable year ended with members once again proving that our weather holds no fears for the determined petanque player.

On Wednesday this last week 15 hardy members enjoyed three rounds in glorious sunshine and a balmy 2 degrees. The only complaints came when trying to point to a coche sat in front of a brilliant sun.

Today 24 members dodged the puddles, a few showers and a positively sweltering 5 degrees to play out 2017. Well done everyone.

In ending the year it just remains to wish all of our members a very happy and healthy new year. 2018 promises to be just as exciting as we hope to get our floodlights installed on our new terrains and we also hope to host a couple of major petanque championship events.

As you might guess from the pic above, Kath & I are slipping away for a couple of weeks of hopefully warmer days so see you soon. Best Wishes to everyone at Hecky Petanque.


One thought on “The end of another petanque year.

  1. marian sa

    Have a lovely holiday you two. Will think about you doing your painting Clive. Bet you wont be doi ng that very long if the sun is shining.HAPPY NEW YEARxxx


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